Project: Beast III

andrew911tt said:
you have a wife that will let you send that much I think that is very lucky
my wife won't let me send $5 with oout filling out paper work first

That's really too bad...
Tman said:
so... :)
when is the next update? =]

First, thanks for all the kudos. My ego feels fine now. :p

As far as updates.... I have been working on the 'Beast', but I haven't had the time to finish anything. I don't want to keep teasing you all without delivering (ahem). Please be patient. I have been working tens and I haven't been able to go in early or stay late.

Please keep tuned.

no worries bro...keep up the good work.

Family/Work first, [H] a close second :)
I have read in a lot of forums about how the location of the front USB, Firewire and audio ports on many Lian-Li cases just plain sucks. At the bottom near the floor is EXACTLY where I don't want to be bending to plug in my USB whatever.

So, I decided to ditch the plugs altogether. I was left with the bottom door mount looking as such


I couldn't leave it this way and I came up with this idea. First, to get rid of cut-outs for plugs


Here is the acrylic

Here are the tapped holes to hold the acrylic in

Here is the new LOGO! I know, it looks like BEAST E (with the E backwards), but a backwards E is 3!


Here are the 4-40 screws to hold the acrylic in the bottom rail

Here is the acrylic bolted in

Here a couple shots




The front of the acrylic is alomst flush


I'm thinking of filling in the letters with some UV reactive paint and putting a light behind.

So, what color should I use? Or should I do something else?

Not UV, in fact (just my opinion) not a huge UV fan...
As it is BEAST, so evilish etc, and the coolers are red, I would go with a red light behind, try and be as dark as possible.
Lokking great as always, shame about the number of hernias you will have when trying to lift it!!
I can't say I like the Beast carved into the handles or really the acryllic logo either. Kinda goes against the clean lines of the case as you had it in my opinion.

On the other hand, good craftsmanship on those parts.
Man you are doing a kick ass job keep up the awsome work. I can't wait to see the finished product.

freddiepm61 said:
Not UV, in fact (just my opinion) not a huge UV fan...
As it is BEAST, so evilish etc, and the coolers are red, I would go with a red light behind, try and be as dark as possible.
Lokking great as always, shame about the number of hernias you will have when trying to lift it!!

Another vote for RED here. And try only to light up the actual word, keeping the rest either unlit or better yet black :)
also, as the case is huge, Perhaps (if you can) put one of the very cool looking aqua computer port hole like reservoirs in 2x5.25" bays with a red LED, because this could look like some sort of red beast eye thing....?

Also, what kind of PSU are you going to have running four seperate loops of water cooling?
Clearly with the passive rads you are going for a quiet system, however the 1kw pc power and cooling (probs all that can handle this) is loud. Perhaps duel very quiet psu?

looking great.

After catching up with this thread, I need to change my pants. Some co-workers who have never seen a modded case before "want one!!!1111" Absofrickenlutely insane, sir.
Sorry about the lack of updates, but life intrudes. Anyway, thanks for all the nice comments. Got a bit of the handles done. Here is what I have so far (we'll start from raw material and work from there). Enjoy!

raw material (picture repeat)

I turned these ends down. These ends are going into the front and back risers.

I tapped these holes for some 10-32 screws to stop them from rotating in the risers.

Here are the other ends. These ends will go into the center riser. The slots are for the wires from the CCCFL's.



Here are the slots for the light from the CCFL's to shine thru. The line of slots starts at zero degrees, and each additional line of slots will be at 45 degree angles (0,45,90,135, etc.)



I'm hoping to have all the slots done by the end of the week (don't hold your breath).

Stay tuned!

Jason711 said:
that should look pretty sweet in the dark.. what color?

Red for now. I might change to another color. I'm still debating what color to have the handles anodized.

so, one can pretty much masturbate to the craftsmanship displayed in this thread.

excellent work, cant wait to see more updates.
You should build to sell, I would buy one of these monsters: high dollar.
cyks said:
You should build to sell, I would buy one of these monsters: high dollar.

High dollar is right! I work in a machine shop, and the cost per hour is roughly $70.00 . A safe bet on the number of hours I have into this project would be more than 50. That would be an easy $3500.00 . And I'm nowhere near done. Only the super rich ( meaning less than 1% of the population) would be willing to afford this kind of meticulous craftmanship.

I worked like a maniac during my lunch and break to get one tube done. Only three more to go! Enjoy!








I'm going to be away from work for the next two weeks so I won't have much to post until sometime in May. Sorry.

Please stay tuned!

Did you use a rotary table to do the tube slots, or do you have a mult-axis lathe?

Dr.Khron said:
Did you use a rotary table to do the tube slots, or do you have a mult-axis lathe?


I actually used a manual mill and a plain simple vice. I milled one row at a time, and using a gage pin (roughly the size of the width of the slot, about .195") I eyeballed the pin in line with a 45 degree angle block for the next row. Easy!

all you need is a cnc machine and have it cut for you, plus then you could sell uber expensive limited series.

can a cnc do lathe type work?

amazing stuff :)
Damn, this is the first thread anywhere near this size I have taken the time to read the whole thing!!!:eek:

I have way more ideas than I do skill, so I really got to applaude you on this! I really dont know what else to say, But I am deffinatly looking forward to more!!!
CrimandEvil said:
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(Mods- if anything delete that top part if you feel it was out of bounds.)

ANYWAYS, Stevennoland those cases are tight and that reservior is awesome. Would it be possible to buy one like it?

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Yeah, we're pretty much educated that we're better than anyone else, ever.

Make me a pair of those sexy light-tube-things !!
I've been silently watching this worklog for a few months and feel bad for not saying anything... cause DAMN so far everything you have done is top notch!!!

What's the next update goin to be on... probably the completion of the handles right?

Edit: oh yea.... and its MAY 1st... so time for an update now :rolleyes:
I should probably be in bed right now to wake up early tommorow, but I knew after the first pic that I HAD to read this worklog. What can I say man ? I feel like I'm a complete newbie at modding (that's partially true). This is the best mod on the entire World Wide Web right now. Forget the Quake mod and everything else.

Continue on your great work, I'll stay tuned to this thread till death. :p
AMAZING! wow. thats some serious talent you got man. I salute you. I cant wait too see the end result.

Great job.
Hello all. Thanks for all the nice comments and your patience. Yes, I am going to finish the handles before I start anything else. I got one more tube done. I realized I haven't done a mock-up of the tubes with the risers. Well, without further ado.....

Here is the back riser

The back two handles

The middle back riser

The middle front riser (so many risers)

Side view

Here is a close-up. You can see the back tube extends out some. This is to help align the two middle risers

And the front riser and front handles (these handles as you see them are 25 inches in length). The end caps will add another half inch to the over all length.

Another couple shots


I'm hoping to get the other two handles slots done by the weekend.

When I get them done, you all will be the first to know!!

Just beautiful

Its funny to think that you are putting handles on it since it will weigh so much, but I bet those right there weigh a ton in of themselves

Still planing on red CCFLs... that would look good but maybe just plain white light with the handles themselves being red?
still over the top... i dont even wanna know how much that case is gonna be worth.