Problems with the 8800 GTX:Need some help


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Mar 24, 2007
Well I'm posting for a friend of mine since I decided to help him out(BigDaddy85). I currently own a ATI Radeon HD 3870 and let him use it to test it on his computer. This is what BigDaddy85's story is for few weeks, I am having problems with 8800GTX because it kept crashing while I am playing World of Warcraft, CoD4, CS:S, and many games. It kept flicking from game screen to desktop because the nvidia driver said "The video driver has stopped responding and finally restored it to operational function" w/e the message is. I asked Mr. Stryker to see if I can swap video card with him. He has XFX 8800GTS 640 MB, and I did this is to test out if the driver or mobo is the issue. When using 8800GTS, a lot less problems, but only one problem occurred is when I quit the game and the whole system went into BSOD for absolutely no reason. I was not sure if it is caused by my OC so I tuned my cpu speed back to stock settings and I am still getting same thing. Mr. Stryker said that when he was using my 8800 GTX, he got more frustrated because it kept crashing on his puter. I thought the video card is dying. Unfortunately, it wasn't!

So basically that's the story with BigDaddy85 and Mr. Stryker. BigDaddy85 is currently using my 3870 and he has not one problem. So the three of us have concluded that it's possibly a Nvidia driver fault. I'm just going to throw out a theory what I think is that is it Nvidia's fault? Is there a conspiracy between Nvidia and Intel for this kind of problems. I have always heard that there is some bad blood between those 2 companies and they never play nice.

My question to you all is that, Does anybody have a problem with a Nvidia card on a Intel Based Chipset like BigDaddy85 or Mr.Stryker??
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ATI + Intel mobo seem to bond pretty good than Nvidia. Did the relationship between Nvidia and Intel went bad?

Edit: Before I got my Foxconn Mars mobo on the month of Feburary, I had no problem with 8800GTX with IP35 Pro mobo.
I'd say it's a good chance it's driver related. Certain versions of leaked drivers cause it for some when others claim that very same version cured it for them.

I'd suggest looking through Guru3D's forum and nV News for user feedback on the many leaked versions.
Thank, I will look at that site soon. Any more thought other than Kowan's?

Edit: I forgot to add something to my story. Mr. Stryker tried out few different drivers - 163.75, 169.25, 169.44, and few other tweaked forceware drivers. Still same problem with all of it on his system and mine. Right now, bac4door is currently running on 169.75 driver, and he got no problem at all.

Assume that Nvidia card fits with nForce based mobo better than Intel based mobo. Isn't it true?
Yeah, back in December I was using Big's 8800GTX because that's when he first started getting these random artifacts in WoW so he wanted me to test it out. (He had no problems with my 8800GTS also). However I had absolutely no problems on my computer, then gave it back to him around mid January. Suddenly more problems started appearing recently, like less than 2 weeks ago. He was getting frustrated with the display driver stopping responding error and causing his computer to crash and is forced to do a cold reboot. Reverting settings back to stock speeds does not help at all. I just think his video card is becoming a rogue 8800GTX trying to run away from an orphanage to its home, a Nforce-based motherboard, where no problems occur.
these are some of the most ridiculous ideas i've ever heard. if the op's problems were a common occurance, wouldn't there be more threads dedicated to it? shit tons of people buy intel boards, and shit tons of those people pair them with nvidia cards. try patching the os or performing a complete reinstall.
how do you explain the GTX and GTS causing problems on the Foxconn Mars mobo and why is the GTX also giving Mr. Stryker problems on his asus motherboard. Granted it works in my 680i mobo but something doesn't sound right
This is something Agents Mulder & Scully should be investigating. This is a paranormal problem for us and the truth is out there.
Try running the box with the side cover off. Try monitoring the temp. Ive been running mine just fine, but did have some temperature issues (it needs mucho air flow). This could also be a ram problem. Try turning the memory timings down and see if issue goes away.
BigDaddy and I already did all that. It was also mentioned in BAC4D00R's post that he reverted all settings to default & automatic memory timings (which is already 5-5-5-15, but he already tried with his old set of C. Ballistixes, no dice) Also heating is not a problem. It runs around 70-75°C at load. If it's running on BAC4D00R's computer flawlessly for hours, that tells us something. Maybe an RMA is in order?
oh come on people.. there should be some kind of problem similar to what 2 of my friends have.. help would be greatly appreciated.