Problem with old PNY Ti4400 - serious screen distortions


Jul 10, 2004
ok, long story short, i bought a Fx5200 for a buddy on a budget. i took out my PNY ti4400 128mb to make sure the 5200 was 128-bit as advertised, it wasn't, and when i put the ti4400 back in it was REALLY messed up. when it's in the bios, there's no distortions. but the moment it gets to the Windows 2000 load screen there's white blotches in various places and ugly lines in the screen. the case is the same at the desktop, ugly artifacts/lines/blocks everywhere. it seems as if the card is dead but im wondering if there's anything i can do to fix it? i've tried it in a different machine and it does the same. i previously had windows set to apply OC settings at bootup, any chance that coulda screwed up the card? thanks!