Problem with new DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250Gb


Feb 15, 2003
Hey guys my brother just bought a new AMD rig with the new DFI NF3 board and a 3000+ and a BFG 6800GT. Now I set it all up and it works great exect when I was teaking the settings on it to get a little bit of an overclock on it. I disabled thermal throttling, I saved bios exited and then it would not post, just got the blank screen no beeps nothing, so I reset the CMOS and set everything back up save bios it posted, so I got back into bios, and then only thing I change is disabling the thermal throttling, save bios exit, then once again, no post no beep, just blank screen. So I am wondering does anyone else with the DFI board have this problem? I am very confused as to why that would cause the computer to not post. On my rig I have it disabled and it gave me no trouble. Any help would be great. Thanks
I'm using the 10/15 custom BIOS with MemTest86 built in - great stuff!
Uhm, why would you turn off thermal throttling?

You should be leaving that on. That is a protective feature. If you can't keep your cpu cool enough to operate at its regular speeds then you have other problems.