Problem with Audioengine a5+ Volume Dial


Jun 21, 2012
My audioengines have done this since I bought them about a month ago. Whenever I turn the volume dial up or down it always changes the volume in the opposite direction to the way I turn it (if I turned it clockwise to increase volume, volume would decrease and then eventually increase). It isn't that bad but it does it nearly 80% of the time and is quite annoying. I am guessing it is a physical problem with the dial. Anyone have a clue what this might be?
Help would be great thanks.
Have you called them and asked about it? They've got great service.
Did you ever find an answer to this problem latham23? I have the same issue. I tried contacting them awhile ago about it asking for details of this issue since I assume they must be aware of it since it affects so many... i was hoping for info on how I might be able to fix it myself, but they insisted on going the warranty route: when did you buy it? etc... It is very irritating, but it is not worth packing them up and shipping them off for service, even if they were still under warranty.
Mine do this too. Since new. I kinda got used to it, turning the knob quickly rather than incremental clicks seems to minimize the issue.

Just realized how goddamn old the OP's original post was!