Problem connecting to the Internet


Supreme [H]ardness
Apr 4, 2003
My friend has a gateway celeron budget laptop. M305 (for refreance)

anyway here at work we are behind some proxy and firewall however we always are able to plug or computer right into the jack and we have internet. Well Today my friend installed Norton Symantec AntiVirus work gave us and now he can no longer connect to the interrnet. I have tried everything, Uninstalled Norton to my best ability, checked the intetnet settings, IP settings etc... still we get a Limited or no connectivity error. He is sending mad packets... like thousands / millions at start up but reciving 0 packets. I did a virus sscan and sadly removed 230some viruses... did a spyware scan removed all of that.... but still.... limited or no conectivity...

If i had my XP cd, i wouldd just format the damn thing and Im sure that would fix it.. but I dont have it on me.. nor will i have it till Dec 22nd.... anything I can do? / Check for?