Problem after installing AirPort update


Aug 11, 2006
Hey all,
After I installed the update for Airport extreme 2007-002, I couldn't access my wireless connection. I have a Dlink router. So I removed the update and install the old one, Aiport Extreme 2007-001 update and also the AirPort Extreme N enabler. And everything back to normal, I can access my wireless connection. But the problem is now, the connection speed seems slower than before. Can someone help me with this ? Thanks. I have a MacBook 2Ghz, with Mac OS X


Dec 7, 2003
I also had problems after the AirPort Extreme Update. My MacBook would not boot at all - it would go right into a Kernel Panic. I reinstalled OS X, and everything was fine until I installed that same update. I was so ticked off I took the machine to an Apple store for them to check it out. Needless to say, no problems were found by the Apple techs.

First time I start the MacBook at home - where my d-link DIR-655 is - I get the same Kernel Panic. I immediately drove back to the Apple store only to see the MB connect w/o problem to the AirPort Extreme system in the store. The tech at the Genius Bar recommended I switch the router to run at 802.11g mode.

That was a week ago and I was NOT happy to lose the snappiness of the 802.11n connection. While browsing through some Mac sites, I found a note by one MacBook user reporting NO PROBLEMS with his d-link router. I noted that in his response he listed he was using WPA2. I changed the DIR-655's settings to allow WPA2 and WPA, re-enabled the 802.11n, and I'm back to 802.11n speeds! No Kernel Panic so far.

Here is a link to the site with the information I used: