Pro Counter-Strike player slams CS:GO: “It’s not fun. It’s a terrible game right now.

I've played CS for 13 years too, I am a pro. :cool:

here is why GO is/will suck. Its being developed for consoles and people with controllers in hand.


Couldn't have said it better lol.

As he said in the beginning "CS 1.6 player doesn't like new CS game. Does a bear shit in the woods?"

I can remember the out cry of CS 1.6 players when CS:S was in beta and coming out. Change is scary. Valve wants to expand it to consoles , deal with it .. you won't stop them from doing so. Valve has been trying to get CS to work on consoles for ages. Also CS:GO is in beta , therefore a work in progress. Valve does actually listen to feed back. Before the community starts to burn its bridge perhaps give Valve some time to smooth things out?
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what part of it looks consolized?

playing it even remotely competitively on console is probably an effort in futility.
It's funny because while the battlefield series may go for realism more than CS, the CS series almost definitely has closer to real shooting mechanics. In CS it is VERY difficult to control full auto on a gun and hit the target at anything past close range. In BF3 you can spray a lot of guns at medium range without too much recoil correction and be moderately successful. In BF3 almost half the people that play the game tend to walk the fuck around while shooting (often spraying) and they do moderately well. I hate this more than anything in BF3. I don't shoot guns very often irl but I'm fairly certain that walking forwards while shooting isn't encouraged when you're trying to hit something. Nobody that is semi successful in CS ever does this. It's all about moving, stopping, bursting, moving again. Much more realistic as far as I'm aware.

This is one of the problems I have with BF3. I feel like it took a definite step backwards in this area from BF2, which was already a bit behind CS. Back to your original statement. I didn't read the article but I know some pros are just frustrated atm because they don't know the new pattern so they can't control it nearly as well as the old one. In all fairness, this would be them whining about any change, which is annoying. Some are pissed that the screen doesn't jerk around like it did in 1.6, which to their credit, is an argument for realism.

Love both CS and BF in the end.

Because moving, stopping for a split second to shoot 3 rounds, and moving again is going to improve your accuracy. :rolleyes: CS isn't realistic AT ALL.
Because moving, stopping for a split second to shoot 3 rounds, and moving again is going to improve your accuracy. :rolleyes: CS isn't realistic AT ALL.

I don't see why it wouldn't improve accuracy. Maybe you want to argue that the time in which you can go from moving to stopped to achieve the aim bonus is a bit too quick, and I might not disagree, but it's certainly a lot closer to reality than walking around shooting with nearly the same medium to long range accuracy as standing still.

I'd never argue that CS is about realism. I've argued against it being about realism in the past. I do think that many of the shooting mechanics just so happen to be closer to reality than in the BF series, so when someone was arguing the exact opposite, I disagreed.
TFC FTW!!!!! yeah i use to play CS as well, when it went to 1.6 i gave up on the game. still say 1.5 was the best version of CS. i had 1000's of hours in TFC though and it was sad to see them ruin a great game with TF2.

TFC was doomed to die, it had a terrible elitist community. The game had the hugest learning curve for competitive FPS.

It was like Dark Souls the FPS hard. Thats what made it so amazing and why i also have 1000's of hours logged in as well.