Pro bono (sorry) graphic artist work


Jan 18, 2004
Hello everyone,

I want to start by saying Kyle signed off on this (thanks!).

My Church is having an event in January and we need a flier/logo created. It doesn't need to be anything complicated. I'd be surprised if it's more than 2 or 3 hours of work. I've been assigned the task of either doing it myself (ha!) or finding someone willing to donate their time to help us out.

If you happen to be in South Florida - I can probably hook you up w/ food/drink tickets to the event if you want to come by and check out what you helped with. I can also put an ad in the ad book we're doing for the event for you or your company and maybe get you a little publicity.

I appreciate anyone willing to help. Just shoot me a PM and we can discuss details.


do you have a ruff idea on what your looking for in your logo/flier some more info on your part might help out.