President Prepares To Boost U.S. Military's Cyber Role

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    The Administration is planning to give more power to Pentagon’s Cyber Command so they can better develop cyber weapons and mount stronger electronic offensives/defensives. The move is expected to make the division, which has strong associations with the NSA, more self-reliant. Cyber attacks exercised by the organization thus far remain highly classified.

    Cyber Command would be separated from the National Security Agency, a spy agency responsible for electronic eavesdropping, the officials said. That would give Cyber Command leaders a larger voice in arguing for the use of both offensive and defensive cyber tools in future conflicts. Both organizations are based at Fort Meade, Maryland, about 30 miles north of Washington, and led by the same officer, Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers. A former senior intelligence official with knowledge of the plan said it reflects the growing role that cyber operations play in modern warfare, and the different missions of the Cyber Command and the NSA. The official spoke on condition of anonymity.
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    I just love the fact that to supposedly protect us (not the job of government, that should be governing) we as the general population must find ourselves constantly in a situation where those in power just bury secrets on top of secrets on top of secrets on top of bodies on top --- you get the point. :)
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    So we will have Obama to blame for creating Skynet?
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    Trump will build a big firewall and get China to pay for it.....
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    GAH beat me to it! I was going to say "We need to build a firewall!"
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    I heard a new legislation is also in the works to create a gay and lesbian trans-gendered team of cyber specialists at Fort Meade. The initiative to create this highly technological team will specialize in hacking your computer with rainbow like colors that will blind you on screen until you yourself will accept the fact that its ok to dress in drag. Soon your daughter will be shopping in the mens department or even your early teenage son will be getting makeovers at Macys by the makeup specialist. It is going to hell i tell ya.

    Also all military installation bathrooms will soon convert to a transgender option . Even the next Call of duty game is rumored to have the option to go drag during character creation

    remember as a reminder the government is also spying on you and sending subliminal messages so our population will bow down and accept reality for what it is.

    X-files quote

    "Do not trust anyone"
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