Preparing BF3 for win7 reinstall


Limp Gawd
Feb 20, 2007
I would like to backup my BF3 folder because I have a slow 300kbp/s download rate so it would pretty much take a whole day to download the BF3 patches (~5GB download) if I were to do a fresh install of BF3.

I see that my Program Files (x86)>Origin Games is 14.8GB, can I just copy and paste that into my external and when I do a fresh install, just copy and paste that back out? Put in install CD and would the CD just patch the missing files? Same with if I were to download the patch? Would it just download another full 5GB or is it going to patch the missing files?
You will be able to just grab the Battlefield 3 folder, copy it to a flash/external drive, then copy it back to the Origin Games folder on your fresh install. Worked for me last month when I did it, haven't had any problems with gameplay/patches/anything else.
Just some notes about this, it takes awhile for it to "reinstall" when you do this, it might seem like it hanged but it is just verifying the files or something.

You also need to run pbsvc.exe in the game folder afterwards to reinstall punkbuster.