Preparations before i bring my PC and laptop to college

Oct 2, 2003
Well, im finally heading off to college this fall, but i want to make sure im not a target, per say.

Well, first of all, my main rig has a w/c setup. Has anyone had any problems with other screwing around with your PC's with w/c in dorms? Should i go back to air? I'd hate to part with it, but is it necessary?

Also, id like to invest into an anti-theft device for my laptop (and possibly my PC). The laptop does not have a built in security lock. Ive read about the PCMCIA Caveo anti-theft devices...are they any good, or too much of a pain? What about physical cables that are attached via adhesive?

I'm not too interested in getting a table mounted docking port security station (im not sure what they are called), as it will permanently take up the space of a desk, so i cannot rearrange things when i need to do schoolwork.

Thanks for any advice.
Well, I dunno much about anti-theft stuff, so i'll just address the cooling.

All of the dorms me and my friends lived in (same and different campuses) were about the dustiest places on earth. So, I would recommend sticking with water, for the sole reason that you don't need as much airflow in yoru case, and therefore won't get as dusty. I had a bunch of intake fans on my case when I was air cooling, and i had to clean it (what seemed like) once a month in the dorms just so air would still get everywhere and not burn out my fan motors. But, maybe you'll get lucky and your dorm won't be a dust pit. :D
I dunno if I'd call an exos setup true watercooling. Hell its external there should be no problem at dorms.
There is dust as was mentioned, which really isn't a concern, and then you also brought up the possibility of people futzing with your shit. Keep your case on, and keep an eye on your hardware. Lock your door, and make sure your roomate(s) do(es), too.

Security devices are available for laptops.. google laptop security.
If you are worried about it, buy a rivet gun and rivet the doors of your case on temporarily. That way, nobody can open your case without a cordless drill. You can always drill out the rivets when you need to get in, but otherwise it is impenetrable. I am fortunate enough to have a little ring on the back of my case that is designed for any kind of combination lock to lock the side panels on. If you have an antec style case, these locks come standard. There are many ways to keep peeps out of your computer.
make sure when you put the computer in the dorm, put it in a secure place. you wouldnt want anybody knocking your coputer case over :eek: