Pre-emptively buy sooner than normal because of shortages?


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Sep 28, 2007
In the current environment, if someone like myself has a 4 year old gaming machine that still works very well do you jump the gun on a new build with the assumption that I'm going to wait much longer to get parts vs "normal times?" (It took us several months to get a microwave for example.)

In other words: Is it time to make plans and start buying sooner rather than later pre-emptively? How is everyone feeling this environment out and reckoning with it when it comes to all of this? Thanks.
I guess the answer will depend on what parts are specifically hard to find. DDR5 is somewhat available, but expensive, while DDR4 is mature and readily available. CPUs, both Zen3 and ADL are readily available, as are most mainboards, cases, and PSUs. High-end GPUs on the other hand are still scarce and overpriced, the latter of which shows no signs of ever changing.

The bigger question is what will the situation be like when you are going to be purchasing components. If your gaming rig is currently adequate (and you aren't jonesing for a new build), then maybe riding it out for another year or two would be the best option, unless you expect things to be even worse in two years.
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I'm not kidding. Sounds like we have differing opinions on this subject and that's okay.
No, I meant about not knowing what a contrarian is/does. :) I'd say we have differing opinions which is no problem of course, then. I misunderstood you, sorry.
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fyi, the DoD basically just imposed a defense production requirement across all chip suppliers to supply everything they use in military equipment. That's a pretty large impact, and it expires in 2024. So, the chip production may increase and get better, but the shortage will last until at least 2024. Not entirely sure how the supply line works, but I would assume very limited quantities will make it to public suppliers. It impacts everything from simple CPLD's all the way up to high end microchips. Tried to order some CPLD's from mouser, and they issued a statement about the DoD contract and canceled my order.