PowerTek 750W any good?

I don't trust it. I've never heard of the brand..

Try the Corsair HX 520 at buy.com for $90 shipped.
I want more wattage, x1900xtx crossfire loaded system.... thinking about puttin in a TEC cooling system. Maybe 750 watts is not enough.
It's Amperage, not wattage, that is important.

I'd recommend a seperate psu for a TEC. X1900XTX should be fine on an HX 520, which has 40a on a single rail.
People think it's good because of the high price tag. Newegg is probably making a killing on those.

They still call it coritinuous wattage.
I wouldn't say a separate PSU for the TEC. They don't take that much power unless you decide to completely freeze your CPU. :)

The Crossfire is a concern, but when you have $1000 in video cards, why only spend $100 for a PSU?

I don't know who the OEM is for PowerTek, so it's difficult to pass judgement on them, but the 115/230V switch sends up alarms. This tells me that it doesn't have APFC and therefore is probably using an old school switching design. This is like some of the old Topower units, but even Topower is coming of age and figuring out that APFC doesn't have to take up 10% of the inside of the PSU and cause a 5% efficiency hit.

If you only have that much to spend because your X1900XTX's broke the bank, take advantage of this pricing mistake: http://www.case-mod.com/ultra-ult33...rce-cable-technology-black-p-2240.html?src=fr

It reviewed well: http://pcper.com/article.php?aid=347

And is typically much more expensive: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2341922&CatId=0

Thanks for the info, I ordered that PS.

I need it because the fan on my Antec Trio 650 stopped working.
Well, I think the PS overheated once, it completely shut off once. (made somekind of click/snap sound)

Since then the fan does not come on, as soon as I discovered the fan not work I pull off the side panel and placed a house fan blowing into the case. Seems to work fine.