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Jun 18, 2002
I am ordering some eval switches today and wanted to get some feedback first. Has anyone worked with the HP 2910 or Powerconnect 5524's? We deal with large image files/models on a daily basis and our current netgear switches are just suffering.
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Hmm, they're both pretty solid platforms. The HP probably has the better warranty, so I'd go with that one personally.
I thought you could use the 5524s for 10g an not just for stacking..

We have all powerconnects. good switches
Calvinj, you are correct, they do offer the same SFP 10gb uplink ports as the 2910. Too many numbers in my head right now, ha. Price is nearly identical too. It is a tough choice! I know some of the Dells are re-badged Broadcom and I think the 5524/48 is one of them.
I personally don't think you could go wrong with the Dells Honestly. I'm also a little biased having worked with them
I went ahead and ordered one of each, just so I can play with them. It looks like Dell's would be cheaper in the long run and do offer a lifetime warranty. However I just came from a HP shop and really do like the ProCurve line... It really is a tough choice.
HP has a lifetime warranty on all except the high end A series switches. The warranty includes tech support, not just replacement hardware.
My current hold up is figuring out the SFP+ and 10gb uplinks. I have calls in to both Dell and HP so I can hopefully get some of my questions straightened away.
Can someone better explain this:
I have a SFP+ module in the switch and cat6a cable between the sites, how does this work?
Figured it out and I am very disappointed that 10GbaseT has not taken off quite yet.

For a 5524 with a 2 port 10GbaseT rj45 module its $1700~
For a 2910 with a 2 port SFP+ module its $3000 and that does not even give me rj45 connections.

I have existing Cat6a wiring between sites I would like to use and I can not justify spending that much on a Procurve :(
How about a Cisco 2960S instead? A WS-C2960S-24TD-L would run you about $1600-2000. You'd have to add the SFP+ 10GbaseT adapters, but those probably wouldn't be too bad. It has inter-VLAN routing capabilities as well, which is typically reserved for layer-3 switches. Furthermore, they're stackable...
Well it turns out the 5524 does not support modules. The 6224 however does, but they are only good for stacking. As of right now I am not sure what I want to do. I had no clue 10Gbase-T was so far behind.
Personally I find dealing with Dell to be hell, you could say it's Dhell. There's a reason why they always come in cheaper price-wise.
I went ahead and ordered 3 1910-24g for testing (Buy has them onsale for $325/e). For my 10Gbase-T I am looking at the HP 3800-24 or 48. Both offer 10Gbase-T ports and SFP+ uplinks.
The 55xx apparently has some 'personality issues'. Just a heads up. If you get the right tech on the phone they are pretty forthcoming about it. Later firmware ( apparently has corrected the issue, however I had a pretty major issue trying to use two stacked 5524's for iSCSI.

The tech was unwilling to even give it a second look after seeing firmware Moral of the story? Firmware is pretty important on that series. And as a side note it did get upgraded, and the issue has been resolved. No further issues either.
I took over one of our white boards this afternoon and laid out every switch I was considering from HP and Dell. After comparing all the features, requirements, price, ect I decided to go with HP. Both sites will get a combo of a Core+ distribution + management. It is a total of just over $16k in switch gear. The 5406zl really saved the day as finding anything with more then 4 10Gbase-T ports, that were not for uplink or stacking, was essentially impossible. I will also be able to add additional modules as needed.

Core: 5406zl with two 24x 1Gb, one 8 port 10Gbase-T modules and redundant 1500w powersupplies
Distribution: 2910al-48G, e2510G-48
Management: v1910-48G

I should have this drawn up in visio tomorrow. Everything will be linked via 4gb and 2gb trunks.
Looks like a good plan man.. I like the idea of using the chassis switch as a core switch. I knew of a place that was doing that until a consulting firm came in and replaced it with cisco
What will the zl 10Gbase-T module connect to since I can't find that any of your other switches support 10Gbase-T modules, servers? If possible, let us know what iperf or other performance you realize on cat6a v cat6 v cat5e v distance. Thanks
Hi Acesea,
I have 4-5 servers at each location which have 10Gbase-T network cards. The switches them selves will be trunked together via 4GB or 2GB trunks, depending on use. :)
I just received a v1910g wow are they different from normal Procurves the 3com stuff is way different.
I have over 20 various Dell switches of 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series in the field right now and I like them, never had major problems with them. Also, price-wise they are quite cheap.

However, I have lots of IT a acquaintances that uses Procurve switches at their job locations and they have much good things to say about it.

I would be very curious to try a couple of procurves.
My v1910-24g arrived last week, a 2510-24 arrived today, and a 2910al-24g arrives tomorrow. I can't wait to start testing.
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