Potential RTX 3000 buyers...what monitors will you be driving?


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May 21, 2012
What monitors will be using with your fresh Ampere based cards? I’ll be grabbing a RTX 3080 myself driving an HP Omen 27” 1440p 144-165hz GSYNC monitor. System specs are a 3800x with 32GB 3600mhz ram.

I play mostly CoD Warzone and Overwatch currently but coming from a GTX 1080 I’m gonna have to try some single player games and crank up settings to enjoy the IQ. Can’t wait to see RT and DLSS also!
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I'm gonna order a 3080 FE as soon as they release. I'm on a 1440 ultra wide. I think I'm gonna go buy a 49" LG 4k TV with the hdmi 2.1 cause I really can't find anything better. It's too big for what I want but their just aren't any other options. So I'll rearrange my desk space for it
HP Reverb G2 (4k VR), and my Epson 5040UB 4k projector. I was going to go 3090, but after seeing the ~20% more power for $800 more cost, I may just stick with a 3080, for now.
3080 on a Q9FN TV, moving to a 4K120 TV once something I like+want is released.
On this 4K60 TV I race at 1440p120 and game at 4K60, with HDR near 2K nits.
Hoping to move to 4K120 for everything with at least 2K nit HDR.
For right now, I'll be pairing either an RTX 3080 or 3090 to my Asus ROG Swift PG27AQ 27" 4K G-Sync monitor and to my Valve Index headset. The monitor only does 60Hz and I would like to eventually replace it with a 4K monitor that does HDR and has a higher refresh rate, 120Hz or 144Hz if possible.

I was leaning more towards the RTX 3090 because I feel that 10GB maybe a bit of a barrier sooner than later (even though 24GB is way more than I wanted), seeing that I usually only upgrade my video card once every 4 years. But I have a fairly compact case that I am doing my new build in, a Fractal Design Node 804. It CAN fit an RTX 3090, but would require removing one of my intake fans. I thought it wouldn't be a big deal since there will be another intake fan on that side, only to discover the other day that the 240mm radiator that is going in the top of the case in that chamber prevents the other intake fan from fitting. So this would leave no intake fans, only an exhaust on the back and the two fans exhausting air out through the radiator. Sure, the negative pressure those 3 fans will create should be good enough without intake fans, but it would probably mean having to run them at a higher speed to offset the loss and I want to have a quiet machine and run the fans at a lower speed. So here I am now reconsidering settling with the still very fast RTX 3080 and possibly doing an upgrade sooner when they do a refresh or a Ti model that has a higher memory capacity.
32" 1440p 144 Hz - hoping to snag a GTX 3080, should do me well with 1440p gaming until I decide to go 4K, and even then. Also, Valve Index.
AORUS AD27QD :) 1440P 27inch ( second )


First AORUS AD27QD get burned something with powersupply inside monitor, and tripped an breaker. After that monitor not turn on.
Shop repaired. But i get new instead,heh.
It was because i think monitor was 24h non stop on.:)D
Its my second currently ( new ) and no issues.
Just took delivery of the LG 27GN950-B, 4K 144hz nano IPS. Gorgeous display, been playing Ghost Recon Wild lands. 4K is crazy sharp... but I was using the PG279Q before, it’s 27” 165hz 1440p monitor, which to be honest I’m missing.
Until 34-43 inch 4k IPS 144hertz+ gsync monitors come out, I ain't doin shit. I have a LG 27GL850-B 27 inch that plays games just fine and it looks really good. I just spent 500$ on it.

I really like 34 inch plus displays. Unfortunately nothing is out there right now for 4k and high refresh rate. So I'll use this for a year and see what comes out. Today, there is nothing compelling to get. Other than waiting outside Microcenter on the 17th. Hope I snag a 3080. We'll see.
Will drive a pair of 27" Acer Predators XB271HU

Looking to upgrade to a 2K display w/ HDR later in the year.
going for a 3080 to drive my LG 34GN850-B

So far my 1080ti does it with everything turned down to minimum @ 100-120fps in warzone. I am hoping to be able to turn up the AA a smidge and hit the 144-160hz limit on the monitor
1440p, 144hz Samsung with HDR600. Until a monitor I actually like to replace it, either ultra wide or 4K. An OLED TV is an option with some reservation.
I can think of a couple multi-millionaire gamers who will be pushing a 360hz 1080p monitor with a 3090 saying “it’s the frames man” on stream.
LG 27GN950-B whenever it gets here. But until then I it will probably be my Asus VG27AQ.
Acer CZ350HZ Ultrawide 1800R 35" OC'ed @ 120hz / Asus VG289Q 27" 4k 60hz. Will be powered by a 3080 or Big Navi.
Really, the problems with VRR on the LG OLEDs have more or less led me to write them off. I really want to see what Sony does with the Sony x900h.

I suspect that it's all going to be a mess for a few months to a year. You know how these companies are. They can't get anything right. HDMI 2.1 will probably be fucked on launch.
Right now, using a Asus PG279Q @1440p. I'm looking to upgrade to a 4k120Hz monitor, and hopefully a decent one will be released now with better specs so no 4:2:2 chroma is needed.
LG 27GN950-B whenever it gets here. But until then I it will probably be my Asus VG27AQ.

Received mine last week. I’ve been checking everyday for months to see when it would drop, and randomly checked Amazon last weekend. They had a few in stock so I couldn’t hit that checkout button fast enough, and within an hour they were out of stock again. Now amazon says no stock until Oct. this is Amanzon.ca though. 4K is crazy sharp, but almost too sharp. Miss my PG279Q 😥 My 2nd choice was the Viewsonic XG270QG but I couldn’t find it in stock anywhere.

Right now, using a Asus PG279Q @1440p. I'm looking to upgrade to a 4k120Hz monitor, and hopefully a decent one will be released now with better specs so no 4:2:2 chroma is needed.

I use to have the PG279Q, but did it only do 4:2:2? I never honestly checked but thought the monitor was pretty amazing. One of the best 144hz 1440P monitors that even today places like rtings still highly recommends. I know it didn’t have the newer displayport etc, and a 6bit panel but it looked ok, but I’m not a monitor expert.
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144hz - 1440p. Not planning on buying a 4k monitor till next year tbh. I'm looking forward to finally being able to lock down 144hz at 1440p smoothness. 3080 is my jam. Currently have 5 different founders editions bookmarked for order lottery.
4K60fps here, on my old LG 32".

I thought about getting a second/third monitor for gaming at higher frames, but I don't have a urgent need as I really like the LG and its colors/contrast etc.

It is also an excellent monitor for Image editing and I have it calibrated and I'm used to it's output so there's that.

A 3070 would likely do me well, and a 3080 definitely would so...I'm tied to a true 2 slot card due to space constrictions.
LG CX 48" 4K / 120hz. Torn between value 3080 or splurge 3090. The monitor can certinaly use every extra FPS it can get