Post Your Workstations 2023

Just helped a buddy finish his upgrade. He came from a z170 6700k 1080 Strix to the x670 Gene, 7600x and Tuf 4090. Good fitment in the Lian Li o11 mini for those interested. Monitor is the Acer Predator 32 in 4K.

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this is the PC in my bedroom,
Corsair 280X with a B550 Mobo, AMD Ryzen 5600G, 32GB Ram, Alienware AW3423DW QD-OLED, Logitech G815, Logitech G604, M-Audio BX5 monitors.
Nice!! I'd never sleep if I kept a computer in my bedroom. I need to stick with my iPad.

I used to have a PC in my bedroom when I was a kid, but when my fiance and I moved in together, this became a problem.

I love having a dedicated room for an office in my house. I don't think I could ever go back.
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Switched up to the 680X, paid too much money for LEDs, got addicted to Simulation flying and SIM racing, and spent too much money.

Here is my main rig, followed by an X99, Xeon, and 64GB 2666MHz RAM.

Yes, the below photo is showing my main display which is 43" 144hz, 4k


Ever since moving to this chair, which is from Amazon, and for a real car, I have had ZERO backpain.

Here is the soon to be server, once the PSU comes in:


I got gifted the x99, xeon, and 64gb ram from a client. I see this board listed on ebay, from China for over $500. I know it is a solid board packed full of copper, but REALLY?!


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You can tell by the setups, who is married or not.
I am married, but the key to marriage I think is each person, different bank account, and then ONE joint account.

I have two kids too, but they love this stuff too.... I do it for the kids! LOL
2023 is for changing things up!

I got a sit to stand desk from the local Simply Good (Amazon Returns store, and Target Overstock) so, this is now to the point where I am always looking over from my work iMac to see this when I'm at work in my office.