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For now... Which I just took it apart like an hour ago. Used to be more of an "L" Shape but the extension was on the left side so couldn't see into the case. Grabbed some metal brackets and screws from home depot so I could get rid of the one piece and move the tower to the right side.

Planning on getting rid of the 28" Hann-s G here soon and getting a triple monitor setup so i'll be getting a new desk also.


I had one of those desks, damn thing was so flimsy it nearly folded in on itself over the period of a few months with my 2x22" setup I had back then.
work in process, pilled up everything about gaming in a single room instead of being scattered over the living room and so, space became too tight, so most likely moving soon to bigger space

sorry for the extremely horrible picture quality

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I still want a new desk...
Well depending where you @ I have total [4] I'm using [2], I would gladly sell the [2] extra used good condition Ikea Jerkers in >NY - NJ< ,1st Beech Veneer - 2nd Black/Brown
:D Hope you know The Ikea Jerker Desk are the Best Solid Build Workstation Ever Made!!! :D
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My desk is slowly becoming another bookshelf. Need to get a job so I can reclaim the space!
I love this post in [H], it has inspired many builds for me as I see what others are doing and to get ideas. I have drooled over many set ups in here, wished and dreamed. Keep the postings coming, we always can do with more Geek Porn&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.

I figured I may as well get what is now before it gets updated this year. I am in the middle of the Frank 2013 Upgrade (See Thread: which means much of this is going to be cleaned up and changed around. &#8220;Frank&#8221; is being moved into a case I can set in the equipment rack, use the cable management to run the wires out of the side of the case etc. I still have a ton of custom cables to build inside Frank to keep with my flat sewn cables I do. Frank is due for some new ones as the new PSU does not take the old cables I sleeved and sewed.

The desk is being wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl, the pole behind the monitor is to be painted and cut off, and many other things. So this look is going to change dramatically over the next few months as I progress. That board sitting on top of the arleady wide keyboard tray is going to be carbon fiber wrapped as well and replace the current keyboard tray. I need a wider solution since the Razer Nostromos arrived. Somewhere in there I need to work and game too &#8211; I do have priorities lol.
OK, so let&#8217;s get into what&#8217;s all here, where, and what&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;..

  • Asus 24&#8221; 3ms 60Hz GTG VW246xx 24&#8221; 1920x1080 Monitors
  • Asus 27&#8221; 2ms gtg 144Hz 3D Monitor
  • APC 1800W UPS Battery Back Up (For monitors and USB hubs)
  • Asus TF700T 1920x1080 Transformer w/Keyboard &#8211; upgraded to 96GB of storage
  • Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Kit TX Module
  • Klipsch HD500 5.1 Speaker system
  • Plantronics Handsfree Office Phone Ear Piece w/RCA multi-line phone
  • Asus VX7SX-DH71 Lamborghini Laptop modified with 1x 120GB Force GT SSD for OS/BOOT
  • Buttkicker Gamer Remote (Buttkicker connected to Herman Miller Aeron (Large) Chair)
  • Razer Nostromos Game Pad
  • Razer Tiamat 7.1 Headphones
  • Logitech G19 Keyboard
  • Razer Naga Molten Edition Gaming Mouse
  • Razer eXact Mat w/Wrist rest

Chair &#8211; Herman-Miller Aeron Large
  • Custom Windows Home Server @ top of Rack
  • Yamaha RX-567 Receiver (PC Audio to RCVR, pushes the Klipch 5.1 Speakers)
  • Two 4-Bay External eSATA HDD Bay Units w/8TB of WD Caviar Black 2GB HDD's per unit
  • Extra/Spare Silverstone SST-1500 1500W PSU
  • Buttkicker Amplifier and Control Unit
  • APC 1500W UPS Battery Backup
  • CyberPower UPS Battery Backup MAIN Unit
  • CyberPower UPS Backup Extra Battery Unit for additional reserve time
  • Gateway PS2 Keyboard (for OC&#8217;ing)

FRANK N STEIN PC (Current Config &#8211; Work in Progress for 2013 Upgrade)
  • Corsair 800D Full Tower Case (Will be replaced with a new case to sit in rack)
  • Asus Rampage IV Extreme (RE4) X79 Motherboard
  • EK RE4 Waterblocks (in box waiting for case upgrade)
  • G.Skill DDR3 Quad Channel 1866MHz 32GB 9-10-9-28 @ 2T
  • Intel Core i7 3930K
  • EK Supreme HF Waterblock (Being replaced with the newer Supremacy)
  • AlphaCool UT60 360 RAD
  • AlphaCool Repack Dual D5 5.25 Bay w/Reservoir
  • 3x EVGA GTX 680 4GB w/Backplates
  • 2x Corsair Force GT 120G SSD RAID 0 BOOT
  • 1x Patriot Pyro 120G SSD PROG 1
  • 1x Patriot Pyro 120G SSD PROG 2
  • 1x WD VelociRaptor 300G SATA III (Outlook PST only)
  • WD 2TB Caviar Green (Data Back up)
  • WD 1.5TB Caviar Black (Data Backup)
  • LEPA 1600W PSU
  • Multiple Xigmatech Crystal Series Fans w/Red LED
  • Asus Xonar Phobeus Gaming Sound Card w/ROG Command Module
  • Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Glasses

Doing it in the dark - This really is how I work and game about 99% of the time. I like to say "I love living in my cave" as it allows me to do much work in peace and quiet. This is where I spend about 90% of my days from waking to sleep - right here.


Now a picture where you can see how it looks with some light on


Getting up close, we find items on the desk (See list above)


Depending on if I am going to a client&#8217;s location to just talk to them or do a presentation depends on what mobile device comes along for the ride. When I am traveling out of town to do work or presentations and need a powerhouse, the Asus Lambro comes along for the ride. It also doubles as my on the road gaming device as it can pretty much handle most things I throw at it. With the upgraded SSD I installed, this thing will boot and be at desktop within <20 seconds from power button push to - lets get the presentation open. Considering my business is a SaaS (Software as a Serivce) solution, this also lets all my clients know I am serious about power, speed, and performance and this thinking translates directly to the servers I deploy to serve them - when they see "Frank Jr" they get it.




The stock pipe/stand that came with that triple monitor arm was too short to let me put them above the 27" when it arrived, so it was time to mod the solution to get done what I needed. I purchased a threaded pipe flange and the associated lead pipe that was the same diameter as the stock pipe, though MUCH thicker and heavier grade as it was about to hold 3x 24" monitors ups almost 4'. This seemed to work as I expected, but getting those monitors up there while still on the arm I slid over the pipe was enough that I figured I would only do it one more time. That will be when I put the Carbon Fiber wrap on the desk.





I can say I have tried MANY headphones as I live in them everyday for HOURS every day and these Razer Tiamat&#8217;s did not disappoint - I love these things. From gaming to online presentations and general company Skype conversation, these things simply stay comfortable and give some great sound. Sure they are not the audiophile quality like my Paradigm Studios or even my Klipsch X5 ear buds - but they do a very good job with everything I use them for and produce acceptable sound for me - which in the end is all that matters I suppose.


Notice the red item sticking out from under that chair? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that thing - did I say I LOVE that thing? LOL, its a Buttkicker Gamer and it rocks! It ties into the Subwoofer channel and produces vibrations based on the bass. Ever been to the movies like an IMAX where the floor, the seats, etc vibrate to the bass? That is Buttkicker technology; they are in most IMAX movie theaters and amusement parks for tactile feedback. I can get it really going or keep it low and just subtle on the vibrations, but what&#8217;s so great is when I have it going, 3D going, lights out, headphones cranking - it&#8217;s totally immersive. It reproduces the vibrations you would get if you had a subwoofer cranking loud - without the noise. My wife hates bass, so I had to find another solution as I am a bass junkie, I love low frequency vibrations. Even though this worked well, unfortunately my office sits directly above the kitchen - where she is typically walking through back and forth during the day, so even this vibrates the floor just like a sub would and is amplified in the kitchen below- so it didn&#8217;t solve that issue, but it sure does make using headphones better by giving that extra dimension of sound and tactile feedback like when I am hammering down on an LMG in game or an explosion goes off - it just adds to it. OK, Ill stop talking about it.....


My pride and joy beast PC. This is in the process of being upgraded again and will be back with his custom cables. For now this is how he sits, waiting for about 2 more orders to get things going with this year&#8217;s build/upgrade. We have already upgraded most of the hardware from last year's build as you can see (if you followed Frank last year). I will probably go with a Mountain Mods Case, then modify it to house a huge MO-RA3 LT Radiator, the UT 360 he uses now and other things. When done I will post the final iteration here as well. The build thread is located here:



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^ That is beautiful. I hope to have an office like that one day.

Thanks Scrub206!

Where did you purchase that chair? It is exactly what I have been looking for. Do you have a link by chance?

The chair is very comfortable. I bought it at a store called Hemisperes. Here is a link to the actual chair, and you can search for local dealers at the top of the site.
Well depending where you @ I have total [4] I'm using [2], I would gladly sell the [2] extra used good condition Ikea Jerkers in >NY - NJ< ,1st Beech Veneer - 2nd Black/Brown
:D Hope you know The Ikea Jerker Desk are the Best Solid Build Workstation Ever Made!!! :D

Unfortunately, you are on the other side of the country. lol

Saitek Keyboard - love those things.......Those are tons better than the Saitek Cyborg v7 I am about to eBay, that Eclipse II was one of my favorites over most of the keyboards I have owned. Loved that Lachesis too before I got the Naga Molten. Good stuff man!

^I would assume all the candles are so you can make sweet love to those LCDs...
Trying for the first time to post an image, this is my old setup. Will Post the new one after making sure this works. If this link does not work then some help will be greatly appreciated.

So all i see is just a link on screen, can you guys please assist by letting me know how to have the actual image show up?
hey guys this is my first image so hopefully it works if not i will ask for your help. this is my current station and room. i hope u like it
I'm looking to drill a hole behing the center speaker so I can run the keyboard/mouse wires and any other USB cables I might have through a small grommet.


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I don't do pictures but ...

My wife and daughter work in our home offices. (I don't work. I have a life on the internet.)

We bought both standing desks:

And treadmills:

They each have 3 monitors:

The computers and UPSs are suspended from the desk top. Held in place with ratchet straps.

The usual midrange scanner and laser printer sit on file cabinets.
I don't do pictures but ...

My wife and daughter work in our home offices. (I don't work. I have a life on the internet.)

We bought both standing desks:

And treadmills:

They each have 3 monitors:

The computers and UPSs are suspended from the desk top. Held in place with ratchet straps.

The usual midrange scanner and laser printer sit on file cabinets.

This may sound mean but..... If you don't do picture why post? No one wants to imagine your setup.
Have not posted in a while, figure new year new setup new pic!

You can see my Untangle router, Ubuntu server, work laptop, ciso spa, and my personal work laptop (mba) hooked up to a 24" samsung display. Also pictured.... M-Audio BX5a's which rock! Not pictured, D7000 with sigma 10-20 lens ;)

This is my setup so far for 2013,

and this is the one my wife uses.

Hope you all like, let me know. Been looking at the ones posted in here for a long time, big shouts go out to all of you for sharing, and some for the wicked WOW factor.
I'm drooling over your tri GTX680's! :)

They push my three 24" in Surround well, as well as the 144Hz in 3D, but I really want three 27" 3D monitors - then those GTX 680 4G cards would have something to do - lol.

So many nice rigs here - I keep coming back for more inspiration.......... keep up the posting.