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Core i5-3550 Quad-Core processor 3.4 GHz turbo to 3.9 GHz, 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz, 64 GB ADATA SSD & 3 TB 5400 RPM Seagate HDD, NVidia GeForce GTS 450 w/ 1 GB GDDR5, ASUS P8 Z77 V-PRO Motherboard, Razer Blackwidow Ultimate, Razer Mamba, Razer Nostromo, Razer Electra, Razer Sphex, Creative Gigaworks T20 Speakers, Logitech Pro C920 Webcam, Gateway 23" 1920x1080 Monitor, Hannspree 19" 1440x900 Monitor


Finally after much moving this summer everything is where it should be.




Sorry for the bad quality phone pictures!
Finally after much moving this summer everything is where it should be.

Sorry for the bad quality phone pictures!

Might not want to angle those monitors that far in. You should also get them up a bit. Finding makeshift speaker stands is a favorite past-time.
anyone know the name of that shelfing to the left holding the towers?

hey so that is my rig... I honestly can't remember the name or model but I got the shelf at target for $15 like 6 years ago or something. I am pretty sure target still has them or something near close enough as to make no difference.. and then yeah most home improvement stores have stuff like this also.
you can also get the shelving at Sam's Club or Wal Mart and the person who said NSF is correct.

NSF is a public health and safety organization. NSF is not a "brand" or shelving. any commercial grade cooking equipment will have a NSF badge on it. in the culinary industry it basically means it's not going to explode, and it's easy to clean.

if you're looking for brand names, i've seen a lot of Metro Racks in the industry. but ours often come in a dark green or chrome. i believe civilians can buy metro racks for home use in a variety of colors as well.
oh yeah... so two things about the metro type shelf thing... a it isn't really as deep as most pc cases so i have my cases sitting on 2' long pine boards ...technically you don't need the boards but i had 1/2 of the case feet off the edges before I put the planks under

and also my cases are not super tall 18 some inches but if they where much taller i would have clearance issues with the two cases and ups under.
Changed my workstation some, just moved it to the other end of the room.



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Today I desided that it was time for a redo on my setup, I needed some space to work on homework.



My laptop died, so I'm back back to my fallback machine, an old Dell Dimension with a 3.0GHz P4. I decided to run it caseless for accessibility (I swap hard drives really often) and for the interestingness factor. The motherboard's on a part of a motherboard tray I removed from an old HP desktop. The only major issue so far is that the sound card isn't mounted securely, and often plugging and unplugging a jack will move the card around a little and cause a kernel panic in Linux.


Yeah, my desk is messy. Made a small shroud for the heatsink with an index card.


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My Newest Build :cool:










Intel i5 3570K @4.6
Asus maximus Gene V z77
16GB Corsair Vengeance Ram
OCZ Vertex and Agility SSD Raid 0
Samasung 23` LED 3d Moitor
to walwalka and anybody else with hardwood/laminate, even the "cheap" stuff, I suggest getting a small area rug or mat for your chair.

Just my opinion but it definitely feels a lot nicer rolling around on! It also can look nice and protect the floors a bit more.
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