Post your Workstation 2012

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I like how the laptop is hidden under the desk. Very clean setup.

Dude dont take the wrong way I really do like how it is under the desk. ;) I will finally post my desk this week. Building a new computer and then will post.
Long time Lurker, first time poster. I figured I would contribute to this thread with my setup.

the case I have now is a Zalman HD160, I plan on replacing it with this one soon and then getting a second 27" monitor later on, possibly around tax return time. :)

I spy with my little eye one of the best games ever made
Made a couple adjustments. I like it much better this way.


Hi all! Some updates photos of my workplace:

Table Ikea "Vika Amun"

New case Silverstone FT02B to replace the my old and cool Antec P182SE. I like new case.

Wi-Fi Router Netgear WNR3500L (great)

NAS NETGEAR Stora MS2000 it is cheap and works ...

UPS Powercom Imperial 1200

Opened top case Silverstone FT02B

All pictures clickable in my blog
One of those drawings looks like Luis Royo - Fallen Angel I. I only know this due to Geasa's album Angel's Cry.

Really want an Ikea Galant but the nearest store is a couple hour's drive away and I have a convertible mustang so I doubt one will fit in my car.
Really want an Ikea Galant but the nearest store is a couple hour's drive away and I have a convertible mustang so I doubt one will fit in my car.
most home depots rent trucks, and you can rent cargo vans and minivans from rental car places, some will give you really cheap daily rates if you are not leaving the city.

hell some will even rent by the hour
SCORED!!!! My wife found some guy here in town selling a corner galant with a drawer unit and office chair for $100.00!
Thanks. All of that on a siig monitor arm. Had to pop off the caps to strengthen the arm to hold the weight

@fritzz thanks for the monitor
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A few things have been updated since my last post, mainly my monitor. :p


Got a new mousepad, the Goliathus is actually smaller than I expected. My previous pad is 14 inches tall. Im going to have to get used to the vertical range.




All this after I told myself I was never going to buy another Razer product. At least I didn't buy it straight from them. It's a mouse pad so it really doesn't count.
Been following these threads for four years now. I think this will be my first time posting on one of them.




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@Runedrune How old is that Goliathus? One of the main reasons I bought mine was the fully stitched border to eliminate fraying.
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