Post your watercooled systems HERE! Pics, etc..

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use the link that i posted on the post above yours to upload your pics. then come here and click the little http:// button and copy the link there
nice setup, but i suggest that you clean up your wires and put that ccfl comewhere a little less noticable. but nice work
Here we go, the pics of my Antec P-160. My old Lian-li was retired about a month ago, so I could add a second fan to my radiator since I ran out of space in the Lian-li.

I also got all the cutting to make this fit in under an hour...kinda shows on the slide out 3.5" cage, but I don't have any windows so it's all good.


Only reason I went CPU -> GPU -> NB -> pump was that was the only way I could do it without kinks.

That tubing is 1/2" OD 3/8" ID (1/16" walls), so it's very kink prone. Reason I use it: that's what the pressure fittings on the swiftech blocks use. I never likes the iade of using barb adaptors, so I just stuck with using the thin-wall tubing.
Well heres how my setup turned out. I really really like it. It's very quiet and I was able to cool my barton 2500+ which was clocked at 2.2ghz down to 21 degrees c idle from the 45 it was at before with thermaltake volcano 6. Under load it hits maybe 25 degrees c and before it would hit like 60 with the thermaltake pos. I custom built the fan/rad setup on top with some bolts and nylons spacers for like 3 bux. It just sits there its not actually mounted, but that was great for shaking it around and moving it when making sure there were no stray air bubbles in it. I don't really plan on moving the computer all that much, I have a mobile pc for that. :D Enjoy!

EDIT: It was at 2.2ghz before water and I was able to get another 160mhz outta the cpu with this setup. It was about 9 to 15 mhz faster on the fsb than I did before. NICE!


and a closeup

Originally posted by ProOC

That's awesome!!! I will definitely copy that idea when I set up watercooling in my rig, and I'll try and remember to give credit to you when I post pics... If that day ever comes anyway :)

I saw a pic of a radiator mounted a bit behind the pc, held on by a chain and a bracket somehow, but your way looks even better (not aesthetically, but performance wise, it looks like it would perform MUCH better, and take up less space :cool: )

Damn I can't wait til I have some $$$$$ :(
Just finished my FIRST H20 setup today.

Swifty MCW-5000P, Danger Den MAZE4 GPU, Black Ice Micro II Radiator w/ (2 80mm Panaflo H1A's on fan controller) , Swifty MCP-600 pump, 1/2 ID tubes. IDLE - 35C LOAD 42C (with rad fans dialed in at 50% on fan controller)

Here ya go:






Didn't see a shroud available for that particular model.

I'm pretty happy with what I'm getting. Avg 40C idle (actually about 33C since Abit temps report 7-10C too high) and 48C load (about 41C). I've got every fan on a fan controller. The front intakes are at about 50%, and teh Panaflo's on the rad are about 30% (or the 10:00 position on the dial). Suits me ok. Found out from using some OC tweaking utility for the Radeon 9800 that my max stable core speed is 450 and max memory is 369. I need to find a balance between the two and go with it. I think I'll have to increase the fan speed on the rad though, as I did see temps rising a bit.
well.. here's my pc.. these arent the best pics.. its a little different now i got a little better wire management.. these pics are from awhile ago but i was too lazy to take new ones..




this was also my first attempt at watercooling and a little case modding
my shit


D-Tek TC4 polly water block
Black Ice Radiator Extreme 2
Hydor L30
2500+ @ 2.400 1.85v 12*200 42c load
Asus A7N8X Dlx Rev2
1GB pc3200 Corsair TwinX XMS Dual Channel
Sapphire 9800pro 440/745
SB Audigy 2 ZS
Prolink TV-Tunner
160GB Samsung 7200rpm
60GB WD 7200rpm
should be empty now but yeah i love this comp compared to my old slot A tbird.

btw can u c the wiz kid peaing on pentium
Originally posted by asusxp1900
Why no shroud ProOC? I think that will help to cool the radiator much better.

I am getting great temps as it is so I figured I wouldn't ruin what looks ok now with a gross looking shroud. I would probably make an ugly shroud is basically what I am saying. I guess if I need to decrease temps just that much more then I will come up with something for a shroud, ehhe.

Thanks for liking my radiator setup Benny. :)
From a noise standpoint, no shroud is probably better than a shroud, and must almost surely be quieter than having the fans sitting right on top (or bottom) of the radiator.

As far as temps, I can't imagine that a shroud would really lower temps significantly, but it may in fact be worth a try? Who knows (I'd go for it in the interest of science and innovation) :)
die thread dieeeee!! lol

how is anyone supposed to look through all this stuff?

Prommie comng soon, at which point ill use the h2o to continue cooling my chipset and GPU...

Thanks go out to Dano at Danger Den...



Originally posted by SilverBack
This is my first water cooled rig, but it definately will not be the last.[IMG]

[URL=]My water cooling page [/URL] [/B][/QUOTE] well done SilverBack, one of the nicer setups ive seen :cool: . any pics of the gpu block installed in the loop, and the resulting card clocks?
Here is a pic,
I installed a window a couple of weeks ago in the case,

sorry about the quality as my camera doesn't take very good pics in low light, but I wanted to show off the BL.


And yes that's this page's reflection in the plexi! LOL

I consider the Maze 4 GPU block to be best available.

OC'd my vid card to a high of 489 gpu, memory at 740.
The video block made the biggest difference over all in benchmarks!

I'm installing a Prescott 2.8 on Tuesday, Hopefully I'll get 3500+ speeds out of it on water.
That is a nice setup silverback.. looks like some kind of thick ooze instead of water :p

I like the radiator mount a lot also, it looks like it fit perfectly :cool:
SilverBack are you using an Antec SLK3700BQE? I was just wondering about how hard it is to rip out the sideway hard-drive racks to put a heatercore in the front. It doesn't really pertain to me since I have the Antec SLK3700AMB, which only has a hard-drive cage.
I have a P-160 which is similar to that case, and it's just a matter of drilling out some rivets.
Yeah it's riveted.
But it supports the 3 1/2 bays, without it you lose those to.
Originally posted by SilverBack
Yeah it's riveted.
But it supports the 3 1/2 bays, without it you lose those to.

Wait, so if you want to take out the mounts you have to take them all out? You can't take them out one at a time?
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