Post your "rate my cables" here

Alright, cable question.
Got the new hotness (literally) with a 3080 that requires triple 8 pin GPU power inputs.
I have a modular PSU (Superflower 850w), and I know that each 8-pin is supposed to go into a seperate PSU connector on the PSU side. I have 3 VGA cables, so everything is good there.

However, each one of my 3 GPU cables has dual 6+2 VGA connectors. Which means that I now have 3 unused, dangling 6+2 connectors. I cleaned things up pretty substantially from this picture by snaking em through the hard drive cage, but I don't like that as a long term solution. What's the best way to hide all those connectors? Any recommendations that aren't the $70 Lian-Li RGB triple 8 pin connector?
They don't make single sleeved Superflower modular cables AFAIK.

I should note that because I have a ton of hard drives (8) and fans (also 8) the cable routing behind my motherboard is getting pretty stuffed, even with this monstrous case.

You could get some 8 pin extensions. You'll just be adding length to your existing cables, but you would clean up the front side. Phanteks 8 to 8(6+2) extensions.

Also found These on ModDIY.
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Asus Maximus Hero XIII
64 gb Trident Z DDR4
4 Tb Rocket 4 Plus M.2 Gen 4
MSI Suprim X 3090ti
Corsair Capellix elite 360 with LCD
EVGA Supernova G2 1300

Cable management in the back is still a bit of a nightmare. Between the 9 RGB fans, RGB strip, capellix AIO and multiple hubs needing their own sata connection, theres something like 26 extra wires in the back.

Oddly my favorite part of the cable management is probably the GPU power connection. Cablemod finally released a single 12 pin connector that ends in 3 pci cables on the PSU side. Looks so much better than the monstrosity of an adapter the card came with. So ugly.

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The AL120 fans interlock together and each group (here of one, three, or four) has two cables. So probably not what you're thinking of.
Yes there is way less cable clutter than trying to use the Corsair fans I had previously.
There's a reason I don't show off the backside of my case. 😅

8 hard Drives and 9 fans complicate cable management a bit. Also the new addition of a GPU that requires triple 8 pin connectors.

I do have a couple nice cable things coming my way soon though, so I hope I can clean this up.

Although I also want to fit another fan or two, I think I can use slim fans to make a push/pull on that giant radiator up front. Mainly to try and get a tiny but more airflow over the hard drives.
Their temps understandably went up with all the intakes being attached to a gigantic radiator.

However, through the window, things look good.


I do have some plans to clean things up a bit better, but I need another part or two to arrive for that.
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My sons build I just got done upgrading.

- SSUPD Meshlicious w/gen 4 riser
- Ryzen 5800X
- ASUS Strix B550-I
- ASUS Strix 2080 Super White Edition
- 16 GB Corsair Memmory
- Corsair H115i Elite 280mm AIO
- Corsair SF600 SFX
- 512 M.2
- 1TB Sansung 2.5 SSD
- Extra height feet from Etsy


And the battle station shot....
and this is why I do not like case windows... happily my case has no windows *or airflow =\ but my system isn't insanely hot so meh it is "fine".

Notice here things:
1. Power supply is upside down... it has been upside down since 2014 because I just realized this looking at this photo of my new build over the weekend... will I fix this?? maybe I kinda don't care that much... I should probably fix it and the next time I take case out for some reason I will.

2. The case is gigantic and I hate moving it.. as it is quite heavy and awkward to carry anywhere... making fixing point one move down my priority list (right above learning to play Don't Stop Believin' on an accordion.

3. I had to get the side panel back off right after this photo because as you can see I forgot to plug the GPU power cable in.. and at least one of the case fans** as far as I know by not looking at all in anyway, the fans are all plugged in now?

4. As you see I wasn't that excited to sort of pull all the cables and sort of start over when moving from my ryzen 3600 to my new i7-12700K it the cabling is meh at best (the back side is hilarious... but I was too lazy / distracted to take a photo).

5. Since there is no case windows who cares? temps are decent (under 80c at full load ..specs below... close was also over 100F here and 27C~ inside the house when these temps noted).

Specs Z690 Aorus Elite AX , i7-12700K , 32GB DDR5 5600 (corsair), RTX3070 FE, 2TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD... and 3 other ssd's of assorted sizes and whatnot and 2TB 7200RPM HD's, Seasonic X750 and NZXT H630 Full tower case.

Behold.. my total disregard for cable management. and failure to plug power / fans in correctly...

but again... close enough?? (well once video card and aforementioned fan got actually plugged in. )
Behold.. my total disregard for cable management. and failure to plug power / fans in correctly...
In all honesty, I used to care less about cable managment as none of my cases had side windows. The phase I am in now, just allows me to enjoy taking my time making my build my own. I'm sure I'll go back to the non windowed cases eventually, but for now I enjoy them.
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cable management definition

1: hiding the wads of excess cable length.

2: build cables the right length to route neatly from source to plug in point.

the fair hassle of crimping those dozens of tiny connectors seems to be the main reason for Def:1 style being the vastly more popular style of management.
cutting the excess length from the middle of prebuilt wires and soldering them back together is easier, but much more DIY looking.
tactically locating the wire cutout location with hiding the solder joints uppermost in mind would fall into cable management.
First time dealing with the same amount of cables but with a MATX
Not tryin to knock ya, any reason you didnt go with the rad top mounted? and curl the tubes up and left (or right)?
I feel like it'd allow cooler air for the gpu, and you could put a longer gpu should you decide to upgrade in the future.
Not tryin to knock ya, any reason you didnt go with the rad top mounted?
By the looks of the case and clearance, that doesn't look like an option. Just having the fans on the top gives him little clearance, unless I'm missing something.
ahhh you're right didnt even think about the depth of the ram and 24 pin, cheers
I did look at top mounting. Font mounting was the only option
I wanted to use Noctua low profile cooler that would handle the CPU
It cleared on height but memory was a issue. Now I know way I appreciate full size cases.
Got the Arctic 420mm AIO installed. Not that impressed with the performance over the 360mm AIO I had previously used a while ago. Arctic customer service is lacking as well after packaging this with missing parts and no response to my ticket. Had to order a 1700 upgrade kit after parts were missing in the kit included with the cooler.
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Budget 1080p gaming build
Intel Core i3 12100f + DeepCool HSF
AMD Radeon RX 6650xt
Gigabyte B660M + WiFi module PCIe
SP 32GB DDR4 3200mhz CL16
Kingston 1TB Gen4 NVMe
WD Blue 1TB 3.5” 7200rpm SATAIII (x2)
Corsair CX650M + braided cables
Silverstone FARA HM1 mATX case + Antec PWM fans (x5) + diffused ARGB strip for lighting



Man I haven't posted in this tread in like 12 years, probably more actually...
Seeing all these cool systems in here has finally inspired my lazy ass to take some pics of my current setups.
Plus I got some upgrayyedz, and tidied up the wiring a bit so here goes:

Corsair 760T Full Tower
PCP&C 750w Silencer Mark III
B550 Aorus Elite Ax V2
5800x w/Peerless Assassin + Gentle Typhoon
32GB Dominator Platinum 3600mhz
Merc 319 6900xt Black w/ Aorus FO48U 120hz
Sabrent Rocket Gen4 1TB nvme ssd
Samsung 850 Evo 500GB sata ssd

*damn, shouldn't have shrunk the sizes down now they look blurry as hell :(. Actual size 1504x1128 looks a lot better, but my camera is old and sucks anyway so....

test turtle.jpg

I was running a Strix B450 mobo and 16 gigs of Dominator Plat (old style, non-rgb models) in this case but had to swap out the mobo because for some damn reason the Sabrent ssd that I bought wouldn't work with that mobo,and I upgraded the ram also while I was at it.

But originally I was running an MSI x370 Titanium mobo and and a 290x Lightning, the same 16 gigs of Dominator Plat and a 1700x processor in this case up until last summer when both the mobo and the video card, and even the crappy 1080p Hisense tv that I was using all shit the bed. So I basically treated myself to the 6900xt and FO48U after that. The processor and ram were/are still good, thankfully. I Basically got the B450 mobo for free and was content with running that setup until the ssd issue.

The cool thing is I got enough spare parts to put together a whole other computer. I got a 280x that has been sitting in a box for years and my old PCP&C 600w psu and already bought a new Fractal Focus 2 (cheap, but nice) to put it all in.I gotta do a Spring cleaning on my living room setup and get some pics of that sometime soon also.
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