Post your "rate my cables" here

20210918_154619.jpgMy first try in roughly 20 years and first time using cable extensions. Back fan, AIO power & RGB I'm not happy with. Next payday I'm ordering fans that will get wired into the Corsair controller to avoid those 3.cll cables. Cable basement is a nightmare. Hopefully a better view this week when new PSU is here.
My wife is awesome and got me the 3 fans I needed. No time like the present to hide the cables and just not use the motherboard headers.

I also moved the GPU cable to go through the front hole, it was creating a poor case panel fit. Plus I can see more than just a black cable when the side panel is off. There are unfortunately zero options to move the pump cable that runs up from the cooler.
Ditched the Levono case for:

Lian Li Lancool ii mesh. Front side wires were super simple, especially compared to the Levono case.

Back side... Clean, I like the covers. Still a lot of work to get everything to fit with in them.
Which cables are those?
Screenshot_20211012-153141_Amazon Shopping.jpg

These guys. Cost $28. I don't mind them however the 16 gauge wire make them very stiff. If you have plenty of room to wire manage you should be good. Other wise they sell the same style in a more flexible gauge.
Here is mine. Still need to try to hide the 24 pin cable. There is no room behind the motherboard tray.

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Here is mine. Still need to try to hide the 24 pin cable. There is no room behind the motherboard tray.

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I don't see any cable management, apart from the pci-e cables every cable is just haphazardly routed from point a to b. You should have everything routed and zip tied together in bundles. IMO all the excess cable should probably be rolled up and zip tied right in front of the PSU, instead of in front of the GPU

I think I want to reroute the PCIe cables. And I need to find (or replace) that missing slot cover.
I think I want to reroute the PCIe cables. And I need to find (or replace) that missing slot cover.
I'd pull the pice cables from the chronic that's under the 24 pin one and rotate both fans 90° so the cables are closer to the motherboard for hiding. Props on using a disk drive though. I remember the days of trying to origami IDE cables into hiding.
Old case fans were rattling a bit, so I swapped them out for some LED fans. Also rotated the CPU cooler fan and made some cabling changes.



I'm working on fine-tuning the color of the fans - the full white is a bit too blue for me (the pictures make it look worse than it actually is, though).
The Corsair 100R really doesn't have the best of cable management. At least my temperatures are really good though.


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Finally put the finishing touches on this one.. Not bad for actually being a Dell


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Alright, cable question.
Got the new hotness (literally) with a 3080 that requires triple 8 pin GPU power inputs.
I have a modular PSU (Superflower 850w), and I know that each 8-pin is supposed to go into a seperate PSU connector on the PSU side. I have 3 VGA cables, so everything is good there.

However, each one of my 3 GPU cables has dual 6+2 VGA connectors. Which means that I now have 3 unused, dangling 6+2 connectors. I cleaned things up pretty substantially from this picture by snaking em through the hard drive cage, but I don't like that as a long term solution. What's the best way to hide all those connectors? Any recommendations that aren't the $70 Lian-Li RGB triple 8 pin connector?
They don't make single sleeved Superflower modular cables AFAIK.

I should note that because I have a ton of hard drives (8) and fans (also 8) the cable routing behind my motherboard is getting pretty stuffed, even with this monstrous case.
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