Post Your Portfolios Websites! (photography, job, design, anything)

From a web designers point of view, the only flash that has been reasonably good is the blue and white one. Just from a design standpoint, the way it uses space is ineffective. I like this concept art one for the most part.
still a very very rough work in progress site:

(they are not finished).

I just started learning flash about a month ago and am having some trouble optimizing it... so if anyone wants to offer some advice I would love to hear it...
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I'm nowhere near complete. I'm working on my own layout as well as customizing the flash template I'm using. I'm not done with either at the moment.


The flash-based one has my work in the "portfolio" section.

Just some initial thoughts...

1) Lots of wasted screen real estate, even on a 19'' monitor.
2) On the "about" page, if you could increase the lines per scroll, it would making scrolling through it much easier.
3) You need page titles...currently, it just displays "index" across all pages.
4) If you could display images in a lightbox it would speed up the photo viewing experience since it's not reloading the thumbnails every time you hit "X".

Other than that, it's looking good. My main concern would be to see if you could modify the background, since it will look "template-ish" with the defaults.
Thanks for your thoughts :)

I'm likely not going to work on that flash layout any further. I'm taking some fo the components I like from it and I'm going to combine it with the HTML layout I'm working on. I worked on a concept for a few hours last night, and I think it's turning out ok. I'll post my progress.

Thanks again! :)
I'm a runway and fashion photographer, feedback welcome :)