Post Your Mac Setup!

It's a 550, I'll see what I can *stitch* together *cough*.
Oh man this was fun, Windows Live Photo Gallery has one good feature, stitching panoramas.

Here we go! Err, it's 11mb even as a JPEG... so umm here's a thumbnail link to the full thing, I warned you!

A little darker than I'd like but that's the lighting I have in here I guess, I probably could have turned on my lamp..

Samsung LN37A550 TV is on a monoprice wall mount that pulls out about a foot and a half and centers over the TV stand and below it is:
Top Shelf:
-N64 w/ expansion pack, Mario Kart 64 is in it right now
-Monoprice 5x1 HDMI Switch
-Comcast HD box
-Pioneer 5.1 HTIB/DVD, 200$, I love this thing
-N64 games (Golden special editions of TLOZ:OOT and TLOZ:MM, DK64, Star Fox 64, Mario 64, etc...)
-Audio-Technica ATH-A900's (for my GF)
-MBP Mini-DP -> HDMI adapter w/ Audio support
-Master Chief helmet from Halo 3 Legendary

Bottom Shelf:
-Xbox 360 Elite 120GB
-Netgear 16-port gigabit switch
-bucket of cables and guides n stuff
-PS3 60GB
-PS3 is covered with 2 cases for my MBP, Halo Reach Limited and Halo Reach guide (for the artwork!)

Coffee table in front of TV Stand is on casters;
-Boxes o-cables-n-junk
-Harmony 550
-N64 controllers (all cleaned internally and with new joysticks so they don't drift, that took a lot of time and such, really proud of them, one of them came NIB!!!!!), 360 controllers (all Black, one w/ chatpad), PS3 controller (dual-shock)
-Has ethernet wired to come out under the stand through the rug and to MBP when I want it.
-Grado SR-80i's
-Razer Kabuto mousepad w/ ProClick|Mobile BT Mouse
-Apple Wired and BT keyboards
-All my DVDs and CDs in those flip finder things
-Sub from 5.1 is next to the table, want to get it somehow attached but the wiring is bugging me.

Shelves above couch include:
-PC Games whose boxes I like
-Artwork of a guy I like, he does nerdy stuff
-Plushies from Bleach and Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy IX
-Dinosaur 3D Puzzle thing
-Hard Drive modded into a clock
-Epic peter line signed snowboard, he's local and a family friend so I got his old board as a gift
-extra pillows and blankets for curling up w/ the GF for movies

Desk is an Ikea Fredrik w/
-a custom made side-desk that I did in 3/4 MDF with some legs and some support, I have this retarded 45-degree angle corner in my room with no purpose other than to annoy my furniture layout...
-minifridge between side-desk and bed, magnets on fridge are from inside an older 80GB Maxtor drive I ripped apart in class after it failed.
-Mission Audio bookshelf speakers off of the Amp/Receiver on top of my fridge
-Audio-GD Compass using optical passthrough from the Amp, this drives whatever I want at the time, the Grado SR-80i's or my A950LTD's
-On top of the Headphone amp is desk stuff like cleaning wipes and a hole punch and my stapler lol, next to a dvd spindle I use for pens/screwdrivers/pencils
-Camera bag and mag light and some brownies from my GF.
-Shelf w/ desk-required crap like pencils and blank DVDs and CDs, canned air, pens, green pepper Tabasco for my Chipotle, DSi.
-Epic orange cone hat thing from PAX promoting Plants vs. Zombies
-All of my Halo books and graphic novels, all of the books I'm reading right now, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, The Godfather, A Clockwork Orange, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, etc..
-Hard Drive dock thing, USB Mic, LED backlights for monitors to reduce eyestrain in the dark, Wired 360 controller for PC gaming with it sometimes.
-Dual LCD arm from eBay (CPUtopia seller) holding my Dell 2407 WFP A03's
-Logitech G15, PAX 2008 Special Edition Razer DeathAdder mouse, Steelseries QCK+ Heavy mouse pad
-Beneath is obviously my desktop on the left, and next to the fridge and under the custom-desk thing is my printer and a stand for my A950's so I can put them out of the way.

My backpack is on the door to my room from the hallway
The other door is to my bathroom which is dark blue, and my room is light blue
Poster in the corner is Bioshock 2 from PAX '10 this year, will soon be accompanied by a ton of L4D and L4D2 stuff I ordered from Valve the other day :p

There's a bedside table you can't see cause that's where I put the tripod, it's between the desk and the bed, and in front of my windows, it's got all my Cisco CCNA/CCNP books under it and my iPhone and 6G Nano docks on it along with a lamp that I probably should have turned on for this, might try again later too. The window frame you see on both sides is the same window, it's only about 6ft across, so take that into account if you want to or w/e, the panorama came out awesome w/ the D90 at the helm haha!

Bed is a full-size so if that gives you perspective on that area if you care!

I only recently made that corner desk thing which you can't really see in the picture but dear god has it changed my life, usually that corner was just a useless corner where nothing fit and I hated it and I wanted to demolish it and no matter what I couldn't make it into anything useful but finally my friend started wanting to make a side-table for his bed and another wanted a TV stand so we all just bought a ton of supplies that covered all our needs and made them all, they're not amazing but they work and serve their purposes perfectly and we love them.

I can take other pictures of stuff closer up too, although this was probably overkill :D, I love showing off my setup, this should probably end up in the workstation thread but you guys asked first lol.
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Finally bought my first Macbook! Was very exciting...


I thought this was funny... the first page in the booklet says...


I've never had a laptop with a backlit keyboard before so this is very cool to me.


The build quality, and just everything about this laptop is beautiful.



Installing iLife '11...


how are those mac books lcds image quality compared to imacs?
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Compslckr it looks like you are waiting for a nice, large, LCD on the wall above the desk. Looks so naked without anything there!!
My dvi adapter should be getting dropped off tomorrow, then that 24" Sammy in the background will be added to the desk :)

I kind of dig the naked look though.







Macbook Air 2010 13" 4GB 128GB SSD
iMac Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz Nvidia 8800GS 4GB DDR2 500GB HDD
Interior from IKEA
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Sorry no real worklog pics. I'm horrible at that sort of thing. I used this box and just built a frame to hole it. I used some mesh from Home Depot for the vent on the front.

It does 1080p without a sweat and silently too:)

I was given a 2.0ghz Macbook (V1.1) which after coming across plex decided to make a media server out of. I loved Plex but couldn't stand the thermal perfomance of the thing and had to do something about the 80C @ 6500rpm. Since I wouldn't be using it as a laptop and will be hidden in a cabinet of sorts I decided to make it ugly and get some performance out of the cooling. I removed the keyboard top and super glued an old Pentium 4 heatsink I had in my parts bin to the heat pipe on the macbook. Lo and behold, quietness even when crunching a high bitrate 1080p movie or 1080p flash on youtube. Highest I've seen the temps are 55C @ 3500rpm.

I know it's not pretty, but......



UPDATE---I've updated my modbook since the last posting.

I've removed the screen and keyboard (hooking the keyboard up only to power on), and mounted it in a tray built from an IKEA box.

I also added a larger cooler held on by zipties.

My temps during a 1080p movie are 50c @ 1800rpm and watching 1080p flash on Youtube i see 52-53c @ 23-2500rpm. So basically completely silent.

You can see in the last picture that it fits right into the furniture the TV is on.

If you must know, the tinfoil acts as a reflector for the IR beam. Now I can be almost anywhere in the room and the Apple remote works great:)




Great looking setup there Justin! Love the look and I have that exact desk. I need to get my darn iMac so I can post here too.
I've owned several MBP's since 2007, but this one is by far the best because work paid for it. It's the i5 2.4GHz model with the Hi-Res glossy screen. I ordered it Thursday. At the time, the HR screens were listed as backordered for 7-10 days so I chose the standard 1400x900. Friday morning, I checked MacMall's site for the tracking number and then looked at the MBP page. The HR listing had changed to "ships the same day." I called MM and got them to switch my order to one with the HR screen before mine shipped. It was delivered Saturday and I've been playing with it ever since. :)


Streaming video over Wi-Fi (Egypt situation is unbelievable!)


Side view


Hi-Res wonderfulness!!

I'm new to Macs and Apple in general (Got the iPod for Christmas, and the Mac a couple of weeks back) but loving OSX so much that I hardly turn on my gaming rig anymore and use the Powermac 95% of the time.