Post your ebay/ dual monitor arms

I have the Quad Monitor Arm from Geeks. Right now I'm just using the 2nd set of arms for speakers. When I get my system cable of supporting 4 LCDs I might connect a pair of Dell1907FPs and take some pics, but I think that it might be a bit over the top.





Are those the X193w's?

Did you happen to pick them up at Best Buy when they were $110.
I just got mine today. I love it. I've wanted it for a while, but it wouldn't work on my desk, so I got a new desk last week, since the old one was to small anyway.


I think I'm going to drill a hole behind the keyboard, to get rid of the wires for the keyboard and mouse. I really can't stand visible wires. I love my G5, so I don't think I want to go wireless.
very nice very clean.
ps what desk is that???

I was going to buy a Fredrick, but I stumbled upon this desk at Craigslist for 15.00.

I figgured at that price, I couldn't pass it up. Its in great shape, and everybody likes saving money.

I have no idea who makes it, it doesn't say anything on it.

Unfortunately the wires are an absolute mess, they just aren't visable, but that is a project for another day and time.
JustLong: Have the same keyboard, how do you like it? I thought I was going to hate it, but really don't mind it at all.
Are these dual monitor arms still available? I can't seem to find them anywhere.

I don't see any on ebay. Perhaps the seller is just out of stock right now.

I know ebay was giving up to 35% cash back on most items a bit ago, and it could have caused him to run out if enough people bought one.

The seller is cputopia. Maybe you could email him and ask him when he is getting more in.
That is the seller that sells them, but yeah looks like they don't have them right now. Wait a few days to see if they put more back up.

Sent him an email and never got back to me. :(

Bought this, but a few hours after paying, the seller contacted me and told me that there was no more in stock and got refunded.... :(

Why is this thing so hard to find??? :confused:
They are pretty sweet. I love the fact that its so easy to rotate the monitors. Its a lot more usefull than I ever would have imagined.
Found them here for $58 + shipping

never delt with them before though....

Thats very tempting. I wonder what the dimensions for the mounts are, as i have a 20" and a 17". I'm going to send them an email because this is the cheapest price i've seen anywhere.
I have a 3 arm bracket that I got from eBay about year and a half ago, and I can not find another ANYWHERE!!! has anyone seen one?

I have 6 monitors that I want to get all hooked up, does anyone know something that could hold that kind of load? I got a 24" , 21" and 4 17" screens that I'm flipping on there side to match right next to the 24" one and that works great...

Thats very tempting. I wonder what the dimensions for the mounts are, as i have a 20" and a 17". I'm going to send them an email because this is the cheapest price i've seen anywhere.

I called them, and seemed nice. They said they had only 3 in stock. I decided to get mine off ebay at the last minute though, for about $10 cheaper
Finally went Quad with my Quad Geeks Stand. Sorry for the Cell phone pics.



I'm using two cheap Radeon 3650s to drive the monitors.

Here is a nicer non cell phone pic
woooooooow! thanks awesome!

You should get ultramon so that you can run 4 different wallpapers across then!
Justlong, what do you do for a living?

Plus...isn't it a shame we can't find these arms anymore? We should contact a US Manf. Company and have them build em.

i love it! so clean im about to run my macbook on my right screen also
Thanks man, it's not pictured but I just bought the Apple Bluetooth keyboard to go with it. Helps my productivity a bit :D