Post your cramped microATX build...








My third mATX-case. I'm planning some h2o-cooling for it.







Antec NSK3480:: DFI X58 mATX :: core i7 920 :: 6gb GEiL ddr3 :: Spinpoint T166 320gig HDD :: GTX285 SLI :: Tagan Piperock 800w :: LG 24"
I've seen it before @ sudhian. Very nice rig. You gave me the radiator/psu idea remember ;)
Hello, I realize these pictures are not the best. I will upload again after I recieve (DEC21st!) my new BFG 550W PSU.

The setup is an e6320, 9800GX2, and others.

I know the IDE cables are a sore, and will get better drives soon.

Thank you for viewing an early version of this build.

The case is a SG02B-F.

The lower fan exhausts the HDD heat.

The top two fans are intake/exhaust for the 9800GX2 (it has a top/forward exhaust sandwich cooler - wierd, but true).


Some of you may have seen these already, but for those that haven't, I've got a few SFF builds here. SFF modding is kinda my thing... :D

Project Rogue



Project L.O.S.I.A.S.




Project Hutch (In progress)


Silverstone case is sick. Is the screen in the front for show, or can it show cpu / gpu temps by chance? Dang. Now if only a 5870 or 5970 could fit in one of those...that sounds like a project. :D
Thanks PS3. The screen in the front is actually a touchscreen. Although I no longer have the rig, it acted as any normal secondary screen would, plus touch of course.
No more pics from me untill the 21st, but I have figured out the 3.5--> 5.25" mounts SilverStone ships can also fit a HDD. Some minor brainwork convinced me to remove the Floppy drive.

So now I have no more airflow problems :).
Here is my little beast rig, and this is for HTPC only.. :D

*CM Elite 341*

AM2 AX2 BE 2.3Ghz
C-H50 (Water Cooled)
Case Fans: Three 120x25mm Fans and one shroud
Filter Fan: REUSABLE BAG (walmart) see below pictures
CM eX-P Plus 460w
BFG-GTS 250 1GB (Rev D)
Vizio HDTV 42in"
Win7 64bit

[*Photo*] 1, 2, 3..
*I will upgrade from DVD drive to Blu Ray* evenutally as soon..
I assume it's push/pull configuration with gutted out fan(only frame) for push to avoid dead spots. I never thought about using it for H50 and it might actually work better. :) One thing is that I think it would work better if same applied for pull too. The fan that pull will block air that comes from push. Maybe not that much though.

lol 3 fans for the H50. How does that work?
Just wanted to show off my sff. It's not quite finished yet, still some upgrades in the pipeline but isn't that always the case? Basically this was a system that was to use alot of leftover parts that I had lying around and just recently I've had the opportunity to upgrade it to am3+quad from am2+ x2-250.


Phenom II 945
Inwin Bk628
J&W 785gmt extreme matx
4gb Gskill Ripjaws 9-9-9-24
Seagate 250gb - old
Hd3850 256mb + Trad2 + 2xScythe 100mm
Asus PCI 802.11g Nic
Coolermaster Geminii+


CPU ram and mobo.

Had to remove the fan mount on the geminii to fit the case

Next to my 23" lcd for scale

As you can see, this system is basically as packed to the MAX! The case is a little larger overall than a mItx gaming box like the Silverstone Sg05/06 which I was tossing up over getting (12.5l vs 10.5l I think) But since its a mini tower the desktop footprint is smaller. It has much the same limitations with SFX psu and graphics card length so I thought I would save myself the hassle and get something that supports matx. Overall its a pretty awesome case, the build is not the best but the price and size are!

Future upgrades:
SSD or maybe 2*500gb in raid 0
pcie sound card (probably xonar Dx)
This thread makes me excited for my MATX build I am starting this weekend.

I will post pics when its all done.

Lian Li V351B
i7 930
6gb Corsair Dominator w/ fan
Corsair H50 CPU Cooler
Radeon 5870
Corsair HX 650
2x 60gb OCZ Agility in RAID 0
2 x 1tb WD Green

i7 975EE
EVGA Micro X58 M/B
6GB Corsair 1866Mhz Ram
4890 XFX
2X 300GB Raptor HDD's
700Watt OCZ PSU
Lian Li V351B Case
what kind of case is that? I like it...

It's an In Win BK628.

There is a similar review of the BK623 here:
It has the same internal layout but different front bezel.
They no longer ship with the FSP power supply its their own branded that they include in the In Win Matrix.

I personally have a BK644 it has served me well besides the minor heat issues. I plan on upgrading the power supply to a SFX Silverstone 450W once they become more available so I can upgrade to a Crossfire setup.
You were supposed to put the thermal grease on the CPU...

He was just being extra sure :p

I moved the SSD's into a single 3.5" enclosure, and picked up a 5870, but besides that pretty much the same.

But now I want a nice ATX tower again... I dunno why I keep switching :p LianLi x900 looks sweet but expensive... =/