Post Your Connection Speed

heres mine

i hate many of you, your upload speed is higer than my download. I want to switch to verizons 7Mbps download service but there website won't let me for some reason :p

At my friend house in Atlanta.
I have a frisky T1

Aww, I want something faster :( Oh well, bonded T1 is coming soon at least. :) Better than nothing!
People must be surfing and not working.. We have a 15 mb dsl line and we usually get it too...

I forgot to post my connection on my last post.. so here ya go!


Fast enough for me, and I download all sorts of HD goodness :D
Anybody know of some good "high-speed" speedtest servers in the southeast?

I'm bringing up a second 100MB up/down link this weekend and most of the servers in my area have CRAP uploads. During testing, I've bursted one of our 100MB pipes to 130Mb'ish so download speeds are fine, but most upload speed tests are lowsy, especially with the Speakeasy Atlanta server.
I ran a speedtest today while I was 1/2way through downloading ESXi for HP from VMwares servers...I was currently downloading at 4.2 Megs/sec....and at the same time ran speedtest and got this. :D
At the office.

Live out in bfe, only service is Windstream 3mb/s. atleast im getting close to 3. i miss my 10mb/s at my old apartment.


I've noticed that using speed testers on the campus connection is unreliable because in my experience it depends on what type of traffic is passing through that will determine how much you can burst.
Dude I just got a boner at those 90mbs+ speeds!! WTF!:eek:! Just got Comcast it's wayyyyyyyyy faster than my AT&T DSL of 600kbs dl.
Any tips to make it go faster?
3 connections (two 10/1 and a 6/768) + Peplink balance 380 =

I still dont have it setup just right. but heck of alot better then PFSense.
Optimum wanted to rape me after being with them a year now but calling to cancel and they gave me a "new" deal that just came in, but here's my little connections. :D


Not bad :< A little lower than it used to be.. but it's usually stable :)