Possible switch issue?


Jul 8, 2001
I have a strange thing that happens in my setup at home.

Right now the setup is as follows:

TWC Cable modem/router/4port gig switch
Port 1: HTPC (W7 PC, Windows Media Center)
Port 2: HDHomeRun Cable Card adapter
Port 3: Wife's Computer (W7 PC)
Port 4: Trendnet 8 port gig switch

Trendnet 8 port gig switch
Port 1: ESXi All-in-one Lab
Port 2: ESXi All-in-one Lab
Port 3: My Computer (iMac)

If I have the cable card active playing a tv channel on the HTPC and wake my iMac or my wifes PC the HTPC's feed stops for a second then continues. Sometimes if my wife is streaming from the file server on the ESXi lab and i wake my iMac it will do the same thing

What would cause this? Would switching to a different switch help?

I have a few older Cisco switches (2960G,3750G) but i would have to put them in the garage due to noise.

I am looking at http://www.amazon.com/HP-1810-24G-G...F8&qid=1384361256&sr=8-1&keywords=hp+1810-24g as a replacement switch.

While I don't need 24 ports right now, I want to wire the rest of the house eventually and then the rack will be in a room in the garage.