Possible Hot Deal Abit AB9 Pro at Frys Downers Grove


Apr 17, 2006
I picked up an Abit AB9 Pro this afternoon. It was priced at $154 but rang up at the register for only $90! Can't guarantee it will happen with you, but hell its worth a shot. Get one if you can at this location! :D P965

I live right down the street from the D.G. frys this is tempting, was it possibly open box? How does this board overclock?
That mobo may have been on sale and you just didnt know it. I bought a sale item and it had a higher price on the item, but rang up at the register as the sale price as advertised on the newspaper. Not sure if you already knew this about Fry's or not.
confirmed in portland/wilsonville. 90 bucks out the door.

they're oos now though. dunno how that happened...:D
Confirmed in Sacramento. They only had 1 NIB, but they have about 6 left open box
Nice find OP. The Fry's in Tempe, AZ has an Abit board for 50 bucks. I'll find out what model tomorrow, pretty sure it's supporting core 2 tho.
Damn sac frys only had one left. It'll be so nice when the Roseville frys opens. Two frys within 30 mins of eachother will give me more chances at sales like this.
Fry's in Vegas had plenty on the shelf today but they rang up at full price. :(
Fry's in City of Industry, California had about 7 and I had one of the tech department sales-woman do a price check for me. It's at full price $150.