Possibility of modular Dedicated Gpu?


Apr 1, 2016
Hi, not sure if this is the right space to post this but here i go, want to run this idea i have past people:

Can you built a very small form factor pc without internal graphics such as Antec Isk110 for size for example with a PCIe riser from 3M going from MOBO to a plug in the case wall. A gpu in its own case (connected to a plug by another 3M PCIe riser) with its own powersupply would then plug into that case.
Would this work and allow for non-gpu workload while out and about and transforming to a dedicated gpu system when at home? Or is it a pipe dream?

totally possible! you would just need good shielded pcie risers like the 3M you suggested.
Has anyone on these forums done something similar? My search didnt find anything but then im not sure what search terms to use.
someone probably has, I haven't. but what you want to do is totally possible. if you installed the main components into one case and the gpu and a stand alone psu into another, you just need to connect the gpu to the main unit with a riser cable. i'd say two short cables that you can daisy chain together to make the connection. in the main unit mount the female end into the side panel and the gpu side it would hang out. or you could mount them both flush and have the two boxes push together. you could even stack them. also, the gpu does not care where the PCIE 6/8 pin power comes from as long as it is powered up before turning on the main unit. here's a really shitty example I did in paint!
New Bitmap Image (3).png

edit: make sure you click the pic to fullsize. don't want you to miss any of the details. :)
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Nice diagram. Thats what i was thinking. Flushmounting with stackable cases ideally. Will try design something in CAD then post it back here. Happy for any input/help with the project. Have limited experience with CAD and building PCs
I was thinking about it and You could potentially do it all off one psu by using 6/8 pin extension cables mounted the same way and totally eliminate the second psu. Just depends how creative you wanna get.
Sounds interesting. That PSU woukd have to be a sfx one then and be in the same case as the cpu. I'm not sure if the tradeoff of a bigger case for the cpu is worth it jn the end. Or do you think it is possible to put a 550W PSU inside the cpu case without increasing its dimensions too much? I was considering a picoPSU with a 12 V AC-DC adapter for portability. I think the only point of such a modular design would be if the cpu case can be kept as small as possible with a less size restrained dedicated gpu case for home use.
Totally depends on what you want in the end and how creative you get. And money time effort...
How much of each you want to put in.
Yeah, I think i will try to keep the cpu case as small as possible with a mini-ITX mobo footprint as the basis and flat as possible with a picoPSU with AC-DC adapter. And the GPU case with a SFX PSU in a case that should be as future proof as possible
Thats a cool idea. I am kinda in the same boat as you. I am trying to add an external GPU to a Gigabyte Brix. I bought a eGPU adapter with a mini PCIe cable that would hook up to the Brix. I want to be able to use the brix for a travel computer, then when I am home, want to plug in the eGPU adapter to make it a nice gaming PC.
Here is what I’ve got so far.
The CPU case is around 19 by 19 by 6.5cm, and the GPU case is about 19 by 19 by 36cm big. I have tried to keep the CPU case as small as possible, whereas for the GPU case I have kept it so that it can accommodate all the GPU's that I could find.In the renders that you can see I have not yet gone into such detail as to fix the screw holes, or the tabs to fix the PCIE Risers too. It is more to allow me to gather feedback from people. Are there any obvious mistakes/concerns or improvements?

I will be using a Pico PSU (not modelled yet) with a L120*W60*H35 mm Power Brick for the CPU case.
The GPU case should allow for large GPU's (10cm high, 33cm long and 15cm wide) and watercooling with fans mounted either in front of the PSU or on the other side wall (These perforations would potentially be optional).

Let me know what you think. Any observations are appreciated,
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Cool it reminds me of a top load cartridge console. If I was building it I'd find a way to make it look like a giant snes. I'm pretty sure this will work.