Portable mp3/video player that isnt an ipod touch


Feb 3, 2007
Hi guys,

Yesterday my ipod touch once again proved to me that trying to use one of those damned i-devices without itunes is asking for trouble, and given that i run linux (and hate itunes with a passion), managing my ipod is a huge chore, On top of that, 8 gigs is becomming a bit cramped.

So i am looking for a new media player, for use both in the tram (think long distance san francisco cable car) and at work at my desk. For work it is mp3 only, on the tram i would like to watch some videos, and then the ipod touch screen is about the smallest it can get.

So far i've narrowed it down to preferably android, SD card slot is a very big plus, and i REQUIRE that i can just mount the damn thing as a usb volume to transfer files, no bespoke software suites allowed

what are your suggestions? i cant really find anything besides a few archos mini-tablets
The specs on the cowon looks impressive, but at the price of a 8gb D3, i am only 40 euros (just over 10%) away from a galaxy tab wifi, which i am also cautiously considering, it would be far superior for video purposes, and also be usefull at home
Archos 32 or 43, with a leaning towards the 43 personally. The media playback is just unmatched by anything out there, by any manufacturer. If Archos does anything right, it's making sure their devices can play effectively any media file that exists. microSD card slots, Android-powered, decent battery life... you could do much worse. And yes, they mount at mass storage devices off USB so just plug it in, drop the files, unplug, go.
Cowon products are best mp3 / pmps on the market
and they have the best sound quality in the market as well
what size screen ? I posted in another thread here that for video playback, you really can't beat sc9800 based chinese portable media players (or sc8600 if you are on a budget). they can decode (and output) 1280p files (the sc8600 are limited to 720p) and handle any format / codec combo. I have an ainol v6000HDT with a 12 LED samsung screen, they don't sell them anymore but I would highly recommend ainol, onda, etc.
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he is looking for drag and drop, not for windows media player to sync his life
Nook Color is an option. Decent enough for video and the price is reasonable. I haven't used it as an mp3 player so I don't know how good or bad that part of it is. It does have a micro sd slot.

Samsung has a Galaxy Player coming out which is supposed to be the android equivalent of the ipod touch. No idea when it's going to be released or what it's price will be.
what about an android phone as a media player? Maybe that can expand your choices? It is drag and drop.....

Android is easy as hell to work with for that. I know my Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S is badass as a music player. The sound quality is superb.
I second the Samsung Vibrant. Super Amoled screen with Voodoo Sound paired with some nice headphones using Poweramp. Great looking video and great sounding audio.