Portable Amp (& DAC ?) for Audio Technica ATH-R70X Headphoines & Smartphone


Jun 30, 2003
Hi, I recently purchased the Audio Technica ATH-R70X headphones with a Magni 2 Uber AMP (DAC is my Titanium HD sound card) for desktop use. I would like to buy a portable amp and possible built in DAC for use with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. I don't know if it would be worth it to buy just an amp or an amp/dac combo. I would like it mainly for watching movies (with my Samsung Gear VR Headset) and a bit of music too. Any recommendations? Something, neutral that pairs up well with the R70X. I live in the UK and my budget is £150 ish.

Thanks very much guys!
Well this is disappointing. I guess I will have to pick one myself based on reviews but some recommendations would really be appreciated.
Check out the Cayin C5

Yeah that is a good amp for these headphones but I read a forum comment on head-fi where a guy with my headphones compared the Aune B1 to the Cayin C5 and he preferred the B1. I think I decided on the Aune B1 (2016 version). Where can I purchase this from the UK? I can't find anywhere and the one on Amazon UK I think is the 2015 version. If I can't get a B1, I will get a C5.