Pop Goes the Gmail


Sep 8, 2004
Hey, I've been having problems with Pop goes the gmail and I was wondering if you guys can help...

First when I start it, it complains my POP3 and SMTP ports are being used. I am fairly certain they aren't being used, i'm only running AIM and I have no spyware or anything the like. Any way to tell me what prog is using what port and/or a way to just close that port?

So anyway I set my POP3 port to 111 and SMTP to 26 just to test. I go to view my emails thru the prog itself and i get an unhandled exception error. I restart the prog.

I start PGtGm and set the ports to 111 and 26 and then dont do anything. Open up outlook xp and test my settings. I get as far as finding the servers but when I try to send test email message, I get an error...verify the e-mail address field. I know for sure that my account and pass are typed correctly in PGtGm.

Any help?


[H]F Junkie
Jul 2, 2003
I believe PGtGM does not work anymore because Gmail changed its login authorization process.