Poor performance of the card that survived


Limp Gawd
May 10, 2008
I had crossfire 4850. One of them stopped working, with possible burning due to a bad smell that came out of the case. The card still however turns on and the fan spins, and it lights up a little but I don't get any signal from it. The other card, seems to work fine other than the fact that I was doing some tests of Crysis warhead today, after I saw awful performance in Fallout 3, in which I was getting about 10-20 average on enthusiast, 15-25 on gamer, and 25-40 on minimum specs. This is at 1280 x 1024 with no AA. I used driver cleaner pro, installed 8.12 after upgrading from 8.8. I also switched the card from the 2nd PCIE slot to the 1st. The mobo is 16x on both slots but I wanted to make sure that there wasn't some slot problem. Still the same results. Lately I've just been playing Wc3 FT and so I didn't realize the performance drop since I still get 60 fps in Wc3.

My questions are: Could the card have become physically harmed? Or would that only result in artifacts. Or could the computer be bogged down with something? My next step is probably to wipe the whole hard drive. I'm wondering if I have to return this card as well or is it probably fine.


Apr 28, 2007
If you really struggle to get it to perform and it doesnt appear to exhibit any other faults, try a fresh install of Windows on a spare drive to make sure it is just a software problem.