Please help with my MSI 7900 GTX

Nov 22, 2006
So I booted my computer one day and found something very odd. Rivatuner & Everest reports the GPU clocks at...
Core clock / geometric domain: 275.40 MHz
Core clock / shader domain: 275.40 MHz
Core clock / ROP domain: 275.40 MHz
Memory Clock: 405.00 MHz.


Default clocks for this card is...
Core: 650 MHZ
Mem: 800 MHz
...and has been running so for a year before today.

I tried running 3dMark06 to see if it would change clocks when it entered 3d mode, however, the clocks remain, resulting in a significant decrease in FPS

Therefore, I attempted to manually configure the clocks using ATI Tool only to come across this message when executing the program...


Currently I am running Windows Vista 32bit.

Can anyone give me an idea as to what might be the possible cause of this problem?

Bad GPU?
Bad Motherboard?
Bad PSU?
Bad Vista?

I've tried unistalling Rivatuner, ATI Tool, and all relating programs. Also, I re-installed the Nvidia forceware drivers, only to come up with the same results.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You