Please help.. Onkyo HF player and USB storage..


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 17, 2000
I just dropped a lot of coin going back to a setup I was competing with in car audio. For whatever reason.. it's not working now.

I had a Samsung S2 tablet I used with my Sony RSX-GS9 headunit as a (USB-DAC). With a hub I was able to connect a jump drive and use Onkyo HF player to play music. It would read the USB drive and I could play off my external drive. This was done with an OTG cable and hub. Worked... perfect.

Fast Fwd 5 months later I came back to this setup after selling it all. Only difference is I have an Asus Zenpad tablet. Onkyo HF player will NOT read my USB storage. Even though the android tablet can see the storage and even play music files one at a time if I use file explorer. But everytime I try onkyo HF player it wont see that storage. It will see my micro SD card and internal storage. I thought it was an APP issue so I went to UAPP and same problem. Only difference in this whole setup is the tablet. I am wondering if its a permissions thing preventing it from seeing the external storage?

Right now I am stuck and this is horrible as I need this feature to work for IASCA and MECA judging. I appreciate any help anyone can provide.. this is my last hope..