Playing Analog Line-in Over Optical-Out - Z5500 Speakers

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by GCTonyHawk7, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Oct 5, 2007
    Hey guys. Got a good tough mystery for you audio gurus.

    First I will set up the scenario. I've got a Realtek HD audio integrated sound card on my motherboard. I use it's Optical output to feed my Z5500 speakers. I've got a Nintendo Wii hooked up with video on my Tuner Card, and the audio is converted to a 3.5mm jack and plugged into the blue line-in port on the computer.

    Now, the big issue; when playing the Wii, I can not seem to get the sound to play on my speakers. Now, to solve this, I can plug in the analog cables to go from the Z5500 to my speakers, but that causes a huge Ground-looping fiasco that is too in depth to go into here.

    So, I need to play my Wii over my Z-5500 speakers, and it needs to go to the speakers optically. Now, you might say, just plug the Wii into my speakers directly and use it like that. I could do that, but then I am unable to record the audio, and this is why I use the tuner-setup in the first place.

    So, is it just my integrated sound card that isn't able to take the analog input and output it digitally, or is this just a common trait of sound and electronics. I attempted to search Google, but it is so specific, I can not find anything on the issue. If I have to buy a new sound card to make it work, I will do so in a heart beat. I was looking at sound cards anyways. Is there some setting on a sound card's spec sheet that will detail this feature?

    I am only assuming it is my sound card and not all, but I would not know. Please help if you can. :)

    Quick recap: Wii plugged in analog line-in, and needs to output over optical cable, not working on my integrated sound card. Do I need do buy another?

    Thanks guys. :)