Playboy’s Jo Garcia takes games WAAAAAAAAY more seriously than you

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I've informed my fiancee that someone else will be taking her place. :D
I didn't believe it till I saw that clip. Absolutely astounding!
meh, she's nothing special.

Doesn't look like any makeup in that vid. She looks fine enough there. Made-up she's boner inducing.

I wonder why she didn't specify it was FF12 from the get go. Before she started mentioning hunts I thought she meant she had knowledge about ALL the FF games. Did make me want to go play FF12 again though.
All the power to her but seems more like work than play (all that note writing).
Me want! God, if I could just find a girl that hot and that into games (well, maybe not to that extreme)...

Via a Google search, it turns out she is VERY I can't 'not take her seriously' naked!

How bothersome!

Oh my eyes............. :eek:

Don't search for Jo Garcia in google's image search, turns out there is a tranny that goes by the same name :(
Based on that video her shoots must be Photoshop marathons. :p
I wouldn't say she's ugly but she's definitely not that attractive to me.
I found out the hard way. I knew I should of finished reading the entire thread before I googled her. :(

Well, don't click the thumbnail for a larger image when part of the description sez 'shemale'! I mean, DUH, c'mon people...
So taking down notes of your progress in RPG's is way more serious than average? I remember doing that for clues in Sherlock Holmes for the Sega-CD and Dragon Warrior for the NES.
LOL! The first thing we all did was google "Jo Garcia" > Images....
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