Pixel 4/XL discontinued by Google. What about replacements?


Jun 30, 2005
So it looks like Google has discontinued the Pixel 4 and 4 XL and no longer sell them. I checked Verizon website and they no longer sell new or refurbished ones either. I just bought this Verizon Pixel 4 XL a few months ago and so it's still under warranty. So if something were to go wrong with it, what would I get as a replacement? My phone over heated and shut off the other day.


Fully [H]
Apr 8, 2009
You would probably get a refurbished unit that Verizon and Google keep in stock for replacement purposes. But if they don't happen to have the same model available for replacement, then they will usually upgrade you to the next best thing at the time. I'm sure at the moment they would have some refurbs to hand out until the Pixel 5 launches. But a phone overheating is usually not due to a defect and is due to it being used in direct sunlight and/or hot ambient environments. I've overheated my current and previous phones pretty easily just from using them in direct sunlight for 20+ mins while it's only 80-90Fdegrees out.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 23, 2010
There’s probably not enough Pixel 4 phones sold that google would have a problem with replacing them before your warranty ends. Perhaps Google will gives you a Pixel 6 if they run out of stock if you bought one this year.