Pimax 8k and 5K+ reviews are up. And it's looking good!

Discussion in 'VR & Head-Mounted Displays' started by Creig, Sep 16, 2018.

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    I understood what you meant, but 2 *full* 4k feeds for each eye is not up to the GPU makers, but is instead up to the HMD ones. If your HMD only supports a single large input cable but twin displays with independent resolution, then VR SLI already caters to one GPU per eye, regardless of resolution.

    If you're talking 2 display cables feeding separately to keep up with display needs, it's not necessary until bandwidth requirements for each display exceeds current standards. Pimax's design is an outlier - they basically have an HMD that cannot be utilized at full 200 FOV by most GPUs out there, both due to display and rendering power requirements. Even the HTC Vive Pro isn't 4K per-eye yet.

    Once more production HMDs start requiring a lot more bandwidth, one could reasonably expect something like a newer VirtualLink or maybe something like a Dual-Link VL tech that will allow this.
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    ^^^^ Well stated, fully agree. It’s going to take at least another generation (possibly two) before we see a single card that is capable of addressing the full resolution needs of upcoming HMD designs such as the Pimax 8Kx. They took the brute force, full bore resolution increase approach when it comes to meeting next gen VR design. I’m thinking the other players may pair milder Increases in resolution with other techniques.
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    I'm simply glad that Pimax is out there pushing the upper boundaries of VR headsets. It won't be perfect, but it will give us what we've been asking for and that the mainstream headset companies haven't been producing: wider FOV and higher resolution at an affordable price.
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    Amen to this. Somebody has to take the leap and try to move the bar.