Phone suddenly giving emergency alerts in Spanish?


Jun 7, 2011
Okay, I'm in Arizona. First few years, phone continued as normal. About a year ago, it started giving me emergency alerts in English AND Spanish, but the audio was only in English. A few months later, it started doing the audio in Spanish as well, following the English. Now it's only doing the audio in Spanish. I haven't installed anything new. This just started today. So my emergency alerts, are now all in Spanish. This is a Verizon phone. The other T Mobile based phone (through Mint) didn't go off at all, no alert. On the phone, the only language listed is English.

Any ideas? I did a google search, and the only idiotic response I see is that the alerts languages,are set by the issuing government service, and can't be changed.
But as it is, they're useless to me, since I don't speak Spanish.