Phanteks G1080 GPU Water Block Assembly and Flow @ [H]


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May 18, 1997
"And if you are going to be water cooling, there can be a huge upside to adding your high end video card to the loop. Who does not want dramatically cooler video card operating temperatures and higher boost clocks?"

You missed the, IMO, biggest reason to want to watercool your GPU. While they're less noisy than blowers at full load cards with open air coolers are still rather loud. A fact that was driven home to me rather forcefully a year or so back when a failure forced me to revert my gaming system to air cooling for several weeks while I procured, assembled, and then tested replacements to bring my loop back up. Having enjoyed a system that was whisper quiet for a year or two; going back to the racket from a GPU was unpleasant enough that I mostly played non-gfx intensive games to keep my cards fans at idle for the interim.
Im with danneely here, its like night and day. The vega I have in mine is dead silent and easily running at half the temperature it normally ran at with its stock "turbine".

For anyone thinking about taking the plunge, don't even think twice. Its totally worth it. If even just the fun of it.
Best application of liquid cooler is full cover waterblock on GPU. CPU is easily cooled with air, but GPU cooler design makes it near impossible to keep it's own heated exhaust air from mixing with and heating up it's cool air supply .. so in an attempt to keep GPU cool fans run faster .. which does help a little but also increases the amount of heated air mixing into cooler intake air.

Full cover GPU waterblock CLC's make more sense then CPU CLC's. Most serious gamers change GPUs every couple of years, which is about the length of time CLCs can safely be expected to last under heavy load. Sure some last 5-6 years, but most of those are not running all the time, nor removing extreme heat loads .. meaning less loss of coolant. ;)