Perfect example of why Win10 forced updates is just plain bad

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    Apr 6, 2015
    No gamer in their right mind wants to deal with BS like this!

    WARNING!! Very important to G27 Logitech wheel users :: DiRT Rally General Chat

    WARNING!! Very important to G27 Logitech wheel users
    I have a G27 with Profiler 5.10 and LGS 8.83.85 ( for my KB and Mouse ) installed.

    Theres a Logitech Download Updater, that's the name of this update, coming through Windows update ( Win 10 here ) and is messing with Logitech Profiler.

    Picture in Profiler changes to a Driving Force wheel ( My OS still see my wheel as a G27 tough ) and Profiler looses the ability to change Wheel rotation, enable/disable centering spring and use special steering wheel settings option. Wheel has a 180ยบ degrees only and can't be changed anywhere.

    Anyone got this update through Windows? There's any way to stop receiving this update through Windows?