People Ditch Slow-Loading Videos After 2 Seconds


Nov 29, 2010
Your lack of reading comprehension.

Comprehension doesn't mean speed. Maybe he's just a really slow reader with excellent diction.

Where do you get "speed" from? That comment refers to understanding. People who fail to "understand/comprehend" usually give up reading after 2seconds....hence it was a justified remark.

You however incorrectly assumed he meant how fast a reader the poster was (most probably due to the added time element of 2seconds in the original post) then theorise about how he may be a really slow reader with excellent diction......which is highly improbable since highly literate people don't navigate to stories then "give up" reading with perfect diction after only two seconds :)


Feb 1, 2008
unless its a video i'm watching again and already like it if i see an ad, its a skipped video.


Aug 17, 2011
they started to do it on mobile youtube as well, 5sec forced ad video ( really want me to root my phone and block the youtube ad servers )

I can say I am in that 2-10 sec group of waiting

talking about ad locking can result in no warning ban on here ( as long as you white list this site its fine )

but I just turn on click to play in chrome or load plug ins on demand on opera that stops flash from eating all me ram up or virus java from loading if installed , I only use an youtube addon that allows me to force what res I want, and stops auto play it also has an built in ad block for youtube videos


Supreme [H]ardness
Jul 29, 2011
Youtube videos always drive me nuts, my top favorite things are:

1) Buffering every 3 to 5 seconds
2) Randomly stopping 3/4 of the way through a video like it "ended" even though if I reload it plays the whole thing.
3) Randomly resetting back to the start of the video for no apparent reason.
4) An error has occured, please try again later.
Oct 8, 2005
If a video has to buffer more than 2 times I will close it.

Also, youtube really pisses me off sometimes. I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but often times I will load a video and it will download slow as a pig and start buffering, and then I refresh the page and the entire video is downloaded. Its like the video player forgets to update what it has actually downloaded.


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Aug 13, 2009
I always love when i set threw the ad on youtube, just to have the video not work. So i refresh the page, or try a different browser, only to need to watch the ad again. Sometimes i watch an ad 3 times, but never get to watch the video, hulu does this a lot to me... though i can understand why this is.


Fully [H]
May 15, 2006
Which is why adding ads at the start of videos is silly...

If the original video buffered while the ad was playing, I'd have less hate towards the ads. But, it doesn't. It has to start over completely and buffer the video... After the ad buffers and plays. Some of us are only on 3-6 Mb connections.

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Nov 29, 2009
Seems about right. After a couple seconds if there is no sign of the video at least starting to load, I bail. I don't have a 50+ mbps connection like most people, but when I have to wait for it to START loading, I bail. What pisses me off is commercials that arn't coded so the video still buffers in the background. It would make much more sense if the commercials were low quality video that is fast to load then while it's playing it can start to buffer the video, since I have to wait anyway. But wait for a commercial to load, then watch a 30 second commercial, then wait again, just to see a 5 second video of a cat falling off a couch? Not worth it.

This also applies to websites. If a site does not start to load within a few seconds, I bail. I see "Connecting to [site]..." at the bottom of the browser for more than 2 seconds and I just hit back. I can tolerate a slow loading site slightly, but when it's slow at starting to load, that's too much.