Pentium 4 660 Extra Special F/S

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    Aug 31, 2005
    Over the summer, I purchased an Extra Special Pentium 4 660 from mikeguava at OCForums and since then have played with it plenty, and have made the decision to go with a dual core soon, this gem of a CPU has to go, and will enchant the hands of one lucky [H] member

    This is really nothing special for air cooling or water cooling, but if you stick it under a Vapo, Dry Ice, or LN2, you have yourself one hell of a toy

    so far on air with the stock heatsink, I managed to hit 4.5ghz w/ 1.45v, and water cooled with a Storm G5, iIve managed to hit 4.78 w/ 1.55v, and when mikeguava had it, he tested it with his Chilly1 container & some dry ice and hit 5.1ghz with a measley 1.5v in bios (~1.55v actual), and if you pushed it to the limits with a healthy 1.6 or 1.7v, you almost surely have a processor thats gonna do the big 6.0 (which I wish I could do, but I don't have the time, money, or true drive to play with sub zero cooling at age 16)

    anyways, because its a Extra Special Pentium 4 660, it has an unlocked multiplier from 14x to 18x, which is a great toy for maxing out your ram

    here's a CPUz dump of the 4.78ghz that I hit on water w/ 1.55v

    there are also a few CPUz & Super Pi screenshots of the 660ES when mikeguava did Dice testing on it that I can pull off my old HD if you wish


    I'm gonna start the asking price for it at $510 shipped via USPS Priority Mail Insured to $500, but feel free to make a reasonable offer

    (also have feedback threads from 2 seperate paintball forums if you want to see thoes)

    AIM: Sneakyl3astard

    Thanks for looking