PDU w/ssh?


Dec 12, 2005
We have some old PDU/RPC stuff that you could telnet or ssh in and easily powercycle a port. Basically want to be able to do put unit in a rack, connect sytems to it, and remotely be able to run:
ssh power05 'reboot 4'
to restart server4 on rack5, for example.

Actually this is what we do now, except they discontinued the stuff we have and I'm trying to build up some more racks. I hate this crap. I tried looking around but everyone wants to sell really complicated stuff, I don't need a control unit to manage all this stuff, just a simple power strip w/ssh. Anyone know of something off hand?
Oct 28, 2004
APC Switched rack PDU's. You can do telnet or SSH, web, and they support SNMP. Not sure whether you can power cycle via remote command - you may have to login and use their menu to do it. You could certainly script either the web or ssh menus though.