PCPer Male Bag #51 with Moar Joshtekk


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May 18, 1997
Joshtekk on PCPer this week talks a big game about some of the studio equipment they use in production then finally gets onto things we care about like, 144Hz HDR, PCIe 4.0, HBM2 vs GDDR6, and finally the coup de grâce, Intel skipping 10nm?

Check out the video.
Damnit Kyle!! I read the title the way you wrote it and my mind immediately went "MALE BAG?!?!?!?!" I did a double take until I realized it was a video of his MAIL.....;):LOL::p:D
[H] really needs its own male bag, "[H] Mail".

A heavily intoxicated Bennett answering community questions about PC hardware, guns, women, Roy Taylor, and cars would be very entertaining.
My god man, clean your room...

Its quite funny in the begining of the video he talks about the other members he 'normally' does the video with, and I'm thinking Jeez where will they fit with all that junk??