PCIE Add-in Card with SATA AND NVME?

Jul 28, 2004
I've got some extra M.2 SSDs laying around and would like to get an Add-in Card as I'm out of onboard connectors. They are mixed Sata and NVME and I'd like to use them both on one multi-drive card if possible, but I haven't had any luck finding a card that will run both. Does anybody have a suggestion for a good card to use? Is that even possible?


Feb 6, 2021
The card you are talking about I think is a dual M2 card. There is one slot for NVME and one slot for SATA with port to run it to a SATA cable to SATA port on motherboard.

They go for $12.99 CDN/CAD here in Canada. I have one from China Ebay for like $6 CAD and the NVME portion works well. I never had a m2 sata drive so I dont know if that works.

Sad is that when I got the ebay card it did not have any bubble wrap. So next time I buy local. I believe my card from ebay was a little bent lol that worries me