PC Power and cooling 750 quad silencer deal

It just keeps getting better and better.
Been buying ZZF over newegg for the last 6 months. They've been on fire this year. Everything from Corsair to motherboards have been good sales like these.
id get this if i didnt already have my corsair 750.. this would look alot better in my new case im getting
I need to find a modular on the cheap to replace the 750VX corsair cable mess :p
Id get this if it were modular. Going to be modding a Antec Mini P180 to fit a full size atx board.
God damn, this is a great price, these are the best PSUs on the market, short of going insane....
At this price no.

I still <3 my silverstone. (although it was a tad expensive, 175 $:eek:)
just a heads up that you can get this for the same price at newegg.. plus get a 30 rebate to make it $109.99 and free shipping
I think he's saying there isn't a good reason/excuse to not get a PC Power and Cooling PS now.:)

Unless you absolutely *must* buy modular, there's no real reason not to buy PCP&C anymore.

They are priced no worse than Antec, they remain single-rail, and they are actually available retail (I was in the Fairfax, VA MC last week, and was stonkered to find plenty of Silencer 500s on the shelf; right next door were plenty of the Silencer 610 and even 750 Quad models). Just three months ago, it was darn difficult to find *any* Silencer model in stock.

If you can afford Antec earthWatts, you can afford PCP&C. Even retail.
Well, to follow the "I'd buy this if I hadn't already..." line. I'd buy this if I hadn't already got in on the 800-ES deal last week. :D Great deal on a PCP&C.
I'd buy this if I didn't already have one.....

+1 for PCP&C! I have used three of their PSU's in three recent builds. All are dead silent and rock solid stable.